The Marauding Kittens

When Margaret visited a couple of weeks ago she said the kittens reminded her of the twins in The Shining.  She made the comparison because the cats are almost identical, and she said the way they turned their heads in unison seemed spooky.  .For me it’s the destruction that’s the scary thing.

Now that they’re teenagers and quite muscular and strong, when they leap across the table they pull the tablecloth and everything on it right down to the floor.  I’m becoming used to the sound of glass breaking on a tile floor as they like to go into the shelving downstairs in the storage room and rummage around.

When Margaret and I were out doing our usual thrift store shopping, I’d found an adorable vintage Santa spoon rest.  It was $4 which is insane, but I wanted it.  So imagine my dismay to hear a crashing sound and go downstairs only to find my precious spoon rest knocked to the tile floor.

All of the plants have had pieces knocked off, and I’ve had these in vases on the counter, and now that they sprouted some roots I’ve planted them.  I guess I should thank the kittens for providing me with so many new house plants.

I had my monthly Reiki treatment this week, and I have to say it’s a fabulous thing to do.  It’s interesting how mismatched my left and right sides are.  I’ve always known I’m one of those people where if you cut a picture of my face in half, the two sides don’t match.  My right eye is bizarrely smaller than my left.

However it’s not just the physical part but the internal dynamism of each half that’s different as well.  When Joan’s working on my right side, it’s like a lava lamp of colours, yet on my left side it’s just plain old black.  So that’s a goal for her to work on.

Margaret and I looked at condos while she was here, as she hopes to transfer to UBC-O at some point.  Inventory is low, and I have to blame Vancouver for that.  So many people are priced out of Vancouver so they’ve come here, driving up prices and lowering availability.   It appears Luke and Jan bought the last cheap condo in Kelowna.

We looked at a place right across the street from their complex, but it faced the parking lot and the college across the street.  More horrible were the two poor turtles trapped in a fish tank which was absolutely filthy.  I had to get out of there just because I felt so bad for the turtles.

To cheer ourselves up over the lack of condos, we’ve made a plan to go to the Mayan Riviera in February, and so that’s going to be a happy time.  We’re spending five days in Akumal, and five days in Cozumel, so that should give us ample snorkelling in both.

Due to the girth of my mid section, I’ve bought a couple of tank tops which I plan to wear over a black bathing suit bottom.  This may or may not disguise what’s going on in the stomach area, but with a true bathing suit the secret would be out immediately.

And I know there’s no point in saying I’ll lose weight in time for that, as Christmas looms.  I already have plans to pick up my favourite Blackwell Dairy egg nog this Friday.

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