Music That Soothes the Soul

The Christmas before last I bought myself a small portable turntable so I can play all of my old albums.  I’m currently listening to Neal Young’s After the Goldrush and just loving it as much now as I did in 1972, albeit without the teenage angst.

The albums are an archaeological record of my growth and development.  There are a couple of very early Beatle albums, A Hard Day’s Night and Beatles VI, both of which I would’ve received for Christmas from my mom in 1965 or 1966.

After that there are several of the Monkees’ albums.  I remember Freddie’s puzzlement at my dumping of the Beatles for the Monkees, but to a 12 year old girl they were like dandelions to the bees.  I was completely besotted first by Ringo Starr  of the Beatles, and then Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees.

Not surprising then, that I decided to join the percussion section of the Osoyoos Elementary Junior Secondary School band when I was in grade 7.  I’ve written of this traumatizing experience before, however will just remind you of it again.

Every Tuesday there was an assembly in the gym, and this began with the Lord’s Prayer and Oh Canada.  The latter began with a drum roll, and that would be me.  Mr. Storwick would extend his right arm full length, and point his finger at my face.

This was the moment one lone girl had to play a drum roll for the entire student body or die.  Naturally I always did it, but at great expense to my nerves.

I was too poor for a record player for several years, so there’s a music gap until my first job in Prince George teaching the deaf.  From that epoch I can see I branched out, and from the late 1970’s there are several Bruce Springsteen, the Clash, Blondie, Graham Parker, Billy Joel and Elvis Costello albums.

Those albums don’t remind me of teenage angst, but rather of extreme drunken behaviour in the North.  Prince George from 1978 to 1983 was a trip.  It was filled with young folks, many of whom were fascinating artists and poets, and my years there were a blur of parties and bad assed hangovers.

After that there are the records that represent my move to Vancouver, meeting Denis, and getting married.  These are artists like Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, and Bryan Adams.  However Luke was born in 1986 so that’s where the music ends.

By the time I got around to listening to music again albums were gone, and I had to buy CD’s.  They’re fine, but they sure don’t bring me the nostalgia of my old record albums.  I wrote “Aldo and Me” and drew a heart around it on many of the Beatles albums.  Those who knew me in 1967 know that was my very first boyfriend.  Great memories!

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