Spoke Too Soon, As Usual

You’ll recall I was gloating as I thought I’d sold the Richter street house, but no.  The hairdresser and husband said they found a house they liked better, and another couple who looked at it weren’t thrilled.  I’m showing it again on Monday, so let’s hope the thing moves.

But guess what?  I’m finally learning to let go of things and go with the river instead of fighting it all the time.  Total surrender, and I have to admit things are easier to manage that way.  I’m working with a wonderful Reiki master and meditating daily, so I have to say I’m pretty calm.

Today I meditated fully for 19 minutes, and I started just a while ago with 2 – 3 minutes and I’d give up.  I love the idea of just sitting and emptying the mind, as it’s a wonderfully relaxing thing to do.  The worst way to be brought out of it is with the staccato bark of the intrepid dachshund as he spots a squirrel on the telephone wire.

This weekend dear mom is turning 92 so I plan to make a chocolate cake for that.  Actually, it’s my chocolate chunk cake that the kids and everyone is really crazy about as it’s made with cocoa, and has chunks of chocolate in the batter as well.  Naturally it has chocolate icing, and made in 4 layers so a person’s a bit dizzy after eating a piece of it.

One can never really have too much chocolate, I don’t think.  When I was growing up in Osoyoos my grandparents would go to town for groceries every Saturday.  They’d come home just before Bugs Bunny would start at 4:00 PM and always had some of my favourite chocolate bars for me to mete out to myself over the week.

My friend Petra came for coffee this afternoon, and that engendered hours of cleaning.  Just for two hours of coffee, I started yesterday and was just finishing up as she knocked on the door.  I cannot believe how filthy this house can get.

But now it feels fab to sit here in a clean house as I type, looking at the bouquet of pink tulips she brought.   I feel sad about my outdoor tulips as last year I had part of the heaved asphalt driveway removed and crush put down.  This went right to the edge of my tulip bed and I don’t think they have a hope of making it back up through that.

We still have snow in our yards here in Kelowna, though Osoyoos is nice and dry as ever.  100 miles sure makes a difference, which always surprises me.  But I can leave here in a full snow storm and by Penticton there’s nothing left of the bad weather at all.

Here I am on my one thousandth diet, and hoping for the best by summer.  I’m not starving myself but have largely stopped eating sugar, so that’s got to do something.  However I’m not insane so on the weekend I will allow myself a lovely peach cocktail as otherwise what’s the point?

So with my new-found calm, I do hope I can think positively and sell the Richter street house so that I can get solar panels slapped onto the roof.  They’ll look kind of funny but I guess it’s good as they’ll be an advertisement to the neighbourhood to get with the program.  I can be a role model of how to avoid being complicit in the Site C dam.

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