I Did It!

I attended the Liberal AGM on Sunday, ran for the position of Organization Chair, and won. There was another woman running, but once I’d crafted my speech I knew anyone coming up against that would have a tough go. Because I wanted to win, I pulled out all stops, and mentioned my lifelong history of Liberalism, as well as the fruitcake business, which brought predictable laughter.

I started with a quote from Sir Wilfred Laurier, and ended with the motto of the Royal Family, so basically covered all my bases. In any case, I’m now on the executive of the local riding association, and feel thrilled as I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I adored campaigning last year, and want to continue working for my party.

Nicky’s in Japan visiting Haruka for two weeks, and it’s very nice to be able to have dinner ready for myself in five minutes. When he’s here I make something decent for dinner, but on my own I’m quite happy with odd food.

Well not odd, really, but just fast. The other day I made lentils, and so I just reheated those for dinner. Total cost about 25 cents. Or, I quickly fry a bit of chicken and garlic and throw it over Romaine lettuce for a nice chicken Caesar salad.

Luke’s nerves are bad as he’s waiting to be called to the rigs, but so far nothing. His boss told him there’s a drill coming up in Saskatchewan, and so he’s waiting every day for this to begin. It’ll be one of life’s miracles, given the current price of oil. I heard on CBC yesterday it’d cost more to buy a barrel of Coca Cola.

I was all set to attend a mosaic workshop at Fusion Glass on Saturday, but the weather conspired against me. We had a bit of a snowstorm, and I couldn’t shovel my way out of here. Then on top of it, as I was valiantly trying to do so, I slipped on hidden ice and banged the back of my head really hard on the concrete.

I stood up immediately and felt the back of my head, sure there’d be a hole from the impact, but all I felt was a growing lump. No blurred vision or weird headache, so figured I wasn’t concussed, just bruised. In any case, I phoned Fusion Glass and told them I couldn’t make it and they replied no problem as there’ll be other workshops.

Alison and Maryjoy happened upon each other while buying avocados in Mexico. They’re both there with respective family members on separate holidays. Small world, eh? My pals Kathy and David are off to Ixtapa soon, and John Patterson and wife are off on a Caribbean cruise. I have to pretend to be thrilled for everyone who’s headed to a hot climate.

We have nothing but gray skies, snow, slush, and general unpleasantness here. Last year around this time I was preparing to fly off to Hawaii to spend a week with Sam and husband Peter.

It appears I’m very jealous and upset by all of these people and their fancy pants trips and lack of my own. Once I’m retired, I really do hope I’ll make the effort to leave this valley every January for at least a week. Otherwise the overcast skies can drive one nuts.

But then there’s my precious dog, who doesn’t give a whit about the weather, as long as he knows where I am. So instead of grousing, I should try to be more like my dog.