Obsessive Colouring

I bought myself one of those adult colouring books for Christmas, and find myself spending hours a day, colouring. It’s very meditative and relaxing. I need it, as I got myself into a tizzy over trying to join the local Liberals’ executive.

At the thank you party for volunteers in November, the president said please attend the AGM in January and consider running for a position. I thought what a good idea, as I enjoyed my bout of volunteering in the past year. I replied to an e mail in December, listing the positions to which I wanted to apply, and heard nothing further.

This week I got an e mail from the nominations chair stating, “Currently, all of the executive positions have an interested candidate. You are more than welcome to let your name stand for any of them, which would mean a contested race voted upon at the AGM. There are also Director at Large positions available as well.”

I replied, gosh that’s odd, as does that mean my e mail arrived later than those who were slotted into those positions? I added shouldn’t an election occur first, and then people get on the executive? No reply to that, but then today I got an e mail inviting me to a “meet and greet” which is occurring today (“sorry for the short notice”) and “was planned outside the nomination committee.”

I replied with thanks, stating I’d be there for sure. This should be interesting, non?

I’m in the midst of binge-watching House of Cards, so maybe I’m just in an overly suspicious frame of mind regarding what’s going on. Which is why the colouring books have been wonderful as the adrenalin surges over some of these messages have been tremendous.

Luke received the fantastic news that he may shortly be reporting to an oil rig in Saskatchewan for a couple of months of work. It appears his company’s called Lucky Luke’s Consulting for a good reason, given the huge numbers out of work.

Last night as I took the dog out for his night time bathroom break, I saw both James and Luke’s cars in the driveway. I heard them gaming away downstairs and thought it’s just like old times. The kids are downstairs partying like it’s 1999. Maybe I’m in some kind of a time warp.

Certainly the colouring is reminiscent of a time long ago, and I remember I used to adore my pencil and wax crayons as a child. I started this latest colouring project with wax crayons, but soon found pencil crayons are the way to go. I’ve coloured some very nice pictures and have amassed a stack of them already.

At the same time, I listen to LP’s by the Beatles, Cyndi Lauper, The Boss, Elvis Costello, and Tina Turner, reliving the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Luke was born in 1986 and it appears my penchant for music stopped around that time.

I’m so glad I bought myself a cheap small record player so I can colour and sing myself into a happy mood. It’s as though I found my own individualized meditation method that puts me into a calmer zone. Rock on!