Abscess Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Almost two weeks ago I noticed a scratch above the cat’s eye and knew an abscess was forming. Because Wrecks was born wild, he’s never been to the vet other than as a kitten to be neutered. He’s the sort of cat who uses his powerful hind claws to push himself off my chest if I try to hold him.

So I weighed the pros and cons of the anaesthesia, sutures, drainage tube and collar, all of which would be provided by the vet at an enormous cost. I decided putting a cone on a wild cat was akin to throwing him into a pack of coyotes, so thought I would handle the abscess on my own.

Kids, don’t try this at home! I’ve owned pets all my life, and have to say the abscess was one of the worst pet situations I’ve had to go through. Around Day Four I was e mailing people saying I think I have to take the cat in to be euthanized, as he was in bad shape.

However, somehow with grit and determination, I got the cat through it all, and now he just likes to keep a scab over his eye. Every day it’s healed over, then in the evening he goes into a lick, wipe, lick, wipe fit with his paw and gets the scab off. It’ll be months before the memory of the abscess is gone thanks to the ubiquitous scab.

I was quite relieved to have saved that money from the vet, as then I was able to hand it straight over to a plumber. Silly me, I thought all I had was plugged drains, but four hours and $710 later I had new pipes under the sink as well as the free-running drains I’d originally wanted.

You know how thrilled I was to have volunteered for the Liberals, as I adored all of the people I met. So I thoroughly enjoyed a thank you to the volunteers’ event held at the Kelowna Golf and Country Club. It was at 3:00 PM and was a dessert buffet, so I did as well as I could, going back three times to fill my plate.

The AGM for the riding is in January and I plan to attend and let my name stand for one of the executive positions. I think it’ll be tremendous fun.

Because of my poor record-keeping, I didn’t plan the volume of the Okanagan Harvest Cakes properly and I think by the end of this week I will have run out. Being a greedy person, the thought of quickly baking more has crossed my mind, but I just don’t have the time as I have my own Christmas baking to do.

I already made Freddie’s cookies and mailed them off, but I’m going to Osoyoos on Sunday so I want to have some for there, too as I plan to give some as gifts. Mom’s having a dinner party for 8 people and I’m making it, but Jerralynn’s kindly making the appetizer and dessert.

On Monday I was at the postal wicket for 25 minutes as I had so many orders to mail. I’m heading out there again this morning, then will have to go at least once more. Each day that goes by means longer and longer line-ups, so I really wish people would order early.

But really in two weeks it’ll all be over once again, and as usual, I survived the fruitcake season.