Happy News All Around

Jan and Luke bought a condo across from the college, and so we went out to look for some furniture at the local thrift stores. I said now remember, you might not find a thing on the first outing, so we probably have to plan to go every few days for a few weeks to get everything.

We started at the Salvation Army, and there wasn’t a thing there, so we proceeded to the Mennonites with me lecturing them saying see? it could take a long time. However as soon as we got there Luke saw a kitchen table and chair set he liked, and so decided to buy it. It’s wood, with four chairs and thick navy pillows.

Then we proceeded to the Gospel Mission store, and while there found a nice couch for $125 and a coffee table for $70 and bought those. Luke said that’s all we need, so in an hour all of the shopping was done.

Then Jan said she wanted a resume so she could look for work, and I drafted one up and sent it to Luke to edit. I said to them now don’t be disappointed as you might not find a job for a long time and will have to submit a lot of applications.

Two days ago I looked on-line and can you believe, there was an ad for a Thai cook! I sent Jan’s resume with a brief note saying please speak in Thai if you phone.

Yesterday morning they headed to the restaurant, not realizing there was already a message from the owners on Jan’s phone. So when they got there Jan was hired on the spot! She spent less than a day looking for work, so I was wrong once again.

A nice person from Quality Greens e mailed and asked if I could supply fruitcakes to all four locations and I said I used to, but I stopped doing it. I explained I hand-make each fruitcake, so can’t sell a product like that wholesale any more. I asked if he’d direct people to my website, and he alleged he would.

Next Wednesday Maxine Dehart will write about me in her business column, so that should bring a brief flurry of sales. I must say I’m enjoying the business so much more now that I have it under some semblance of control.

Yesterday I did something very enjoyable, which was to get out my pile of recipes and separate all those needed for Christmas. I’m going to make the usual cookies, but I also want to try a carrot and parsnip souffle as a side dish for the turkey this year.

And I already know on Christmas Day we’ll be eating a hot peach pie as I bought one in August, solely for that purpose. The Van Kalkeren fruit stand very near to my mom’s house sells fruit pies, and they’re really fantastic as they weigh several pounds from all the fruit.

So you can imagine how wonderful it’ll be to taste Okanagan peaches in winter. I also made and froze cherry and peach compotes, which can be served warmish over ice cream. They’re made with a bit of brandy so should be delicious as well. I’m so looking forward to the gastronomic aspects of Christmas!