Today I remembered by blog was due, and it was a horrible shock to realize I’d completely forgotten about it.  I was thinking how in control I was of the week, and suddenly it hit me.  It must be due to all the memory required for daily posts on my Nuttier than a Fruitcake Facebook page.

Who would’ve thought social media could do anything for a business?  But since I started posting easy-to-make recipes people forward them to friends, and so I’ve had a large increase in people who are now exposed to my fruitcakes.  I’m receiving on-line orders daily.

And what would the business be without my dear, faithful, repeat customers?  I had my yearly order from a nice man in Halifax who’s 94 years old, and who’s been ordering for at least the past 8 years.  When he first ordered he wrote, “In all my years I’ve never tasted a fruitcake as good as yours.”  Needless to say, I love him.

There are so many nice customers I realize I can’t leave the business as I can’t say good bye to them.  And then there’s the weekly blog and monthly newsletter and now Facebook, so I get to keep my writing skills honed.  Without the fruitcakes, why would I write any of that?

I guess because this fall is my 10th season that my mind sometimes wanders into retirement territory.  But really, what would I do each fall if not bake until I’m exhausted?

Do you know five weeks from now the season’ll be totally over for me?  So I need to get a grip and keep going.  I plan on sending a fruitcake to Gian Gomechi at CBC Radio because last December he had a small panel on to discuss fruitcakes.  I thought I’d send him one and say, “Disparage this.”

Maxine Dehart’s going to write about my fruitcakes in her weekly column in the Capital News this week, so that’ll get a flurry of people racing to the stores.  From December 1 – 14  I’ll have fruitcakes in the display case at the Woman’s Place Gym so that’ll be good sales, too.

We were hoping Luke’s wife Jan might be able to be here on a visitor visa for Christmas, but it’s not to be.  Their application was denied, so now they have to do the permanent resident application and wait 12 – 14 months.  It’s so annoying as she’s coming no matter what obstacles the government throws before us.

 But Luke plans to be here, and of course Nicky lives here so that’s a given.  Margaret and Brendan are coming, as is my mom, so I’m already excited about it, though it’s a whole five weeks away.  I love Christmas, especially the baking.

Which is how all of this began.  I received a fruitcake as a gift from our accountant, asked for the recipe and made it for gifts.  People swooned and alleged if I ever made it for sale they’d buy it.  Challenge met.

So throwing obstacles in front of people with this type of attitude is complete folly in my mind, and the reason I’ve asked our MP for a meeting to explain immigration policy to me.

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