Dog Gets a Tick

When Jerralynn was here a couple of weeks ago she said she felt something on my dog’s throat and said it felt like a pimple.  When we tried to find it later we couldn’t, and thought it had fallen off.

Then on Saturday Nicky said the night before the dog had been downstairs while I was sleeping.  He said a friend of his noticed something on Louie’s throat too, and when they examined it they found it was a tick.  He said they got pliers and pulled out the tick, but the head broke off in the dog.

I went on-line and it didn’t seem to be an emergency that a tick’s head was in the dog.  But I e mailed a friend who owns dogs, and also told the women at the gym, and oh no, I had to go straight to the vet’s with the dog because “ticks carry viruses.”

I understand that, because a friend of mine caught Lyme disease from one, but as the tick was living in the dog for at least two weeks and he had no symptoms, I didn’t think this particular tick was a problem.  Sure enough, the vet said if Louie was going to get sick, he would’ve done so long ago.

So it was as I thought, absolutely nothing, yet out of fear something terrible might happen down the road, I had gone.  God forbid people could say, “if only she’d dealt with that tick head imbedded in the dog none of this would’ve happened.”

I know I love to go on about things likes this, but again last week I had the best time at Value Village.  I was looking for comfortable navy shoes, and there was a pair of Rockport loafers in mint condition for $10 in the perfect colour.  I looked heavenward and thanked my gramma for her help.

But that wasn’t all, because in the housewares section I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a turkey-themed tray exactly like the one my mother-in-law had and which was hauled out every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s in excellent shape, and as five bucks.

I shouldn’t be hanging around thrift stores at all, because fruitcake orders have already come in.  The nice people at Discover Wines have ordered and they’ve expanded into a second store in Kamloops so want twice a many.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m posting recipes and other tips on my Nuttier than a Fruitcake Facebook page daily, so if you’re reading this, but aren’t my friend on that site, please ask for an invitation.

With seven weeks left, I know I can do it, which as I’ve always said, is the beauty of having a seasonal business.  It’s focused and then over before you know it.  Hopefully kind of like the dog will find his neutering appointment this Wednesday.

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