Too Bad I’m Not a Details Person

Boredom’s the worst thing for the impulsive person.  When bored, I start to look for ways to shake things up, and often tend to overdo it in my zeal to stop the ennui.  And I often don’t even know where I’m headed, other than telling myself I’m open to new ideas.

There I was, talking to a friend of mom and Gerry’s about Thailand, when it occurred to me this friend’s helped his kids make a ton of money in their RRSP’s through stocks.  So I said, Hey Joe, can you please look at my mutual funds and give me your advice?

I think that was about 36 hours ago, and I’ve already been to RBC and back, where he sent me to open a self-directed RRSP account.  This should be interesting.  I can barely fill in a simple form on-line, and now I’ll have to look at stocks and buy and sell them.  I know what you’re thinking, but I haven’t lost my mind.  Really, I haven’t; this will be forced learning, hence growth.

The poor person who helped me fill out the form probably had her misgivings.  She was asking me questions, and filling out the form, which I told her I tried to do at home and couldn’t.  That was Clue #1.  Then later on, she asked which institution holds my mortgage, and I said, “Um gee, I really don’t know!”  Clue #2.

But I have to try this new venture to help me be financially okay in the long run.  Because as you well know, in the short run I need money to buy Canadian-made goods to take to the prospective family in Thailand.  I also need an excessive amount of money for the pets.  Right now Mojo’s at the vet’s having her teeth cleaned, and the estimate provided was $900.

As well, even though Nicky started his job at the end of August, he’s just getting his first paycheque next week.  I’ve been running a tab for that kid, and just for his day to day insanities, he owes me around $4,000!  I can’t wait until he moves out and starts getting bills in the mail.

I know thinking one’s going to strike it rich in the stock market is folly.  However, it’s as much fun to try as many other crazy things.  Such as those new, funky synthetic eye lashes.  I’m going to have some applied for Thailand, so I don’t have to worry about mascara.

Anyway, a new season’s always a good time to try new things.  So besides learning how to run my own RRSP and getting false eye lashes, I’ve been listening to very interesting lectures on a Buddhist site at  Check it out, as the lectures are really enlightening.

I was invited to Petra and Larry’s for dinner on Sunday, and as the weather was so nice we sat outside for quite a while.  Petra’s German, and is related to my pal Kathy from the gym, and that’s how I know her.  They had a German cousin visiting from Berlin, so I always get invited to Petra and Larry’s when a bit of Deutsch needs to be thrown around.  It’s always good practice.

Their friend Elaine, who I’ve met several times before, was there, and she’d brought homemade cream puffs.  I’m definitely going to make them, and then I’ll be sure to post the recipe either in a newsletter or on my Facebook page.  Honest to God, they were to die for.  Hurray, another new thing to try.

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