Visioning Works

You may be surprised to know that a backhoe, bobcat or some form of heavy equipment’s required for my xeriscape project.  Lisa, the nice landscaper, said that’s how the lower lawn will be removed, and then the pieces are heaped here and there, and then they’re covered in bark mulch to form the hillocks.

There’ll be paths made of pebbles for the dachshunds.  Also, the indigenous plants going into these hillocks may be attractive to the quail.  Then the dogs’ll have even more territory for finding delicious baby quail snacks.

But poor old Mojo’s going to the vet today for a check-up as I’m afraid she may have developed diabetes just as Arnie did at around that same age.  I’ve noticed some fairly serious, and obviously very disturbing, incidents of incontinence on the dog’s part.

But as everyone with a house and pets knows, both are a great way to get rid of huge piles of money.  I don’t know why, but otherwise rational people will think nothing of spending insane sums of money on both.

And then there are the smaller blow-outs when I make this fatal error in thinking: I say to myself, “I’m just going to look around in Winners for a while, but I don’t need anything, so it’ll be fun just to browse.”  Nearly $200 later, I stagger out of the store, wondering what just happened.

My brother’s daughter Julie’s getting married in August, so I bought a dress at Winners that may be appropriate for the event.  It makes me feel an awful lot like Betty Draper, so I suppose that’s a good thing.  It has a fitted bodice, with darts and then the skirt is fullish, as it’s made with box pleats.

And then there’s the general hilarity of having seen my visioning regarding the yard and garden, as well as the new direction for the business, coming to fruition.  The yard’s going to be a joy, and now the business is starting to feel that way again, too.

I received another couple of on-line orders, and felt great to be able to custom-make them as the customers wanted.  I simply can’t stand high-volume production, as so much of what artisan food is, IE hand made, can’t be done like that.

Nicky has a job starting this week with the Regional District of the Central Okanagan.  He’ll be riding through orchards on a quad all day, hanging coddling moth traps on apple trees.  It’s just a seven-week gig, but he’s hoping it may be an in with the Regional District, and he’d like to work for them.

Luke’s coming through Kelowna this week on his way to Vancouver where he and his friend Felix are catching a plane to Thailand, where they’re spending a month.

So almost all’s well in our little corner of the world, as spring’s just around the corner.  I just have to think positively as I drive toward the vet’s office with Mojo today.

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