Now I have to use Facebook daily!

 67 years ago today, my dear parents were wed.  My dad died long ago, but I like to remind my mom of the event whenever it comes around.  I send her an e mail every morning, so sent her a reminder of it today.  I also told her to look for my monthly newsletter, which I sent out this morning.

As fast as the newsletters go out, orders come in!  No kidding.  I received a repeat order for 6 fruitcakes from one nice person in Burnaby, and then another corporate order from Source Furniture.  They want 250 pieces of chocolate bark for a spring convention.

So sending out newsletters definitely works.  And when Margaret was here last time she made me start a Facebook page for the business, so now I really do have to try to get with the social networking program.  I think it’ll suit me, as I’ve decided to post whatever I’m making here for dinner.

That way, people can have a look and get an idea for something relatively quick, cheap, easy and healthy to make.  Of course the pressure is a killer, as now I’ll have the weight of the world on my shoulders as I think of something mundane for dinner.  Then I’ll have to think harder, as I know my fans will be watching.

I’ve had quite a lot of yard excitement lately.  Lisa from Waterwise Garden Design’s been here twice, and is now going to sketch out a design for me.  I’m almost completely insane with excitement about it.  The next time she comes she said she’s bringing photos of indigenous plants so I can get started choosing some.

And there are flowers I already love that are water-wise, so things like holly hocks, rudbeckia and poppies are going to be mixed in with the indigenous plants.  I think it’s going to look great, and be so easy to manage.

Then Nicky surprised me by going to the vegetable garden where he and his pals Ryan and Taylor worked like dogs weed-whacking and re-digging the beds.  They have the whole place looking totally inviting for the upcoming gardening season.

And here’s another great thing from social networking.  I sent out the newsletter, and mentioned I had lots of perennials that needed homes, and already found local gardeners who are ga ga with excitement to get these mature plants.

So as crazy as all of this stuff sounds, I have to hand it to Margaret that Facebook, newsletters and all of that do get the word out, and quickly.  I just wish I was better at Tweeting, but always seem to forget.

To reward the boys I’m making spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner, and I made a pumpkin loaf which they’ll enjoy warm, slathered in butter.  I’m having none of it, as I’m off to Toronto at the end of next month to visit Alison, so am on a strict diet.

Nothing would make Alison happier than if I arrived well-fed and plump.  No, I have to eat like a bird so I can arrive thin.  But once there, the gloves are off, and I plan to eat my way through the city of Toronto.

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