Moralizing, and other boring pursuits

All I can do from morning until night is move sprinklers around, so I haven’t done a thing I’m supposed to be doing.  I thought idly of roasting some nuts, or chopping some chocolate, and went meh.  Perhaps once fall has properly arrived I’ll be motivated to do something for the business.

Besides, I prefer to devote myself to cooking and baking for my own purposes.  The other night I made a lovely dinner of wild salmon accompanied by fries made from my own potatoes, as well as broccoli and sweet potatoes, all grown right here in Kelowna.

Then I went into a bit of a cupcake mania, which was interesting.  I made a low-cal chocolate cupcake recipe from a cookbook I got from Jerralynn called Grazing by Julie Rosendaal.  It was Nicky’s 22nd birthday, so I made the cupcakes for our small family celebration last Friday.  Denis came over and we barbecued steaks.

But then on Nicky’s actual birthday, on Tuesday, I made sponge cake cupcakes from the Joy of Cooking cookbook.  I’ve never made boiled icing, so decided to give it a try.  Nicky decided he preferred the low-cal chocolate cupcakes to the fairly low-cal sponge cake.

Last evening I met Kathy and David for wings at the pub near her house.  Did you know cheap chicken wings on Wednesdays is a thing here at restaurants in Kelowna?  I had two lovely glasses of Gray Monk Gewurtztraminer with my spicy breaded wings, and it was a great combination.

The conversation came around to why we thought the youth were rioting in London.  I opined that it was much like the youth rioting at the Stanley Cup in Vancouver – just a bunch of brats on the loose with nothing to do.  I said they were obviously not raised in a European household, where one wasn’t even allowed to drag their feet, never mind break a store window.

Besides being asked to lift my feet while walking, my father made it clear he couldn’t stand yawning.  He considered it the height of rudeness.  Hyena-like laughing was out of the question.

I believe that our generation was so awed and frightened by their off-spring we couldn’t even tell them to sit up straight and eat with their mouths shut.

You reap what you sow, and now we’re all saddled with these louts who have neither manners nor guidance.  For examples, I guess shows like Jack Ass serve as what to do when bored.  And don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched a couple of Jack Ass movies myself, though I spent a lot of them covering my eyes and going, “ouch!”

Oh well.  Not everyone wants to spend their days wearing cute aprons and browsing cookbooks while wiping the backs of floured hands across their moistened brows.  But compared to looting I have to say it’s a lot more meditative.

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