Pink Pink you Stink

We used to alternately be teased, or else tease fellow students in primary school with these types of rhymes.  Imagine how few girls chose to wear pink as a result of these brilliant little masterpieces.  Even we geniuses at Osoyoos Elementary Junior Secondary school faltered at rhymes for people wearing orange or purple.

I can’t understand what possessed me to think it would be easy to paint my bedroom pink, but on the surface it seemed quite simple.  Grab the May 2007 issue of Martha Stewart, which showcases her home in Maine, all painted a lovely shade of pink.  Take this to the paint department at Rona, and come home with your paint.

However, as the kind woman at Rona explained, the light in rooms varies, so you can’t really tell from a chip what you’re going to get.  Luckily I heeded her advice, and got a tester can of a pale pink.  I painted various parts of the wall, and can see that it’s going to be a bit of a trick getting a warm, rosy pink.

That damned Martha, eh?  I’ve done more insane things than I care to think about thanks to that woman.  I still remember quite a few years ago saying to Denis with some surprise, “I can barely get all of the things done that she suggests each month!” To which he explained, “But she has an entire staff helping her.”

It’s true, it’s just little old me doing all of it.  But some of  it can be fun, especially the creative aspects of life, like collecting.  In this month’s Martha she shows a collection of old recipe booklets.  They reminded me of being a kid and being fascinated by TV shows on CBC sponsored by Kraft Canada.

I come from a German family, so it was always fascinating to see Cheese Whiz, mini coloured marshmallows, lime jello and Whip ‘n Chill turned into a casserole for the family dinner.  My grandparents were always going, “ugh” but as a first-generation Canadian, I secretly yearned for strange food like that.

I guess I got over it, because there’s no Whip ‘n Chill in this house.  I continue to cook things like curried meatballs, Thai curried chicken, Greek pork chops, spaghetti and meat sauce, Greek style shrimp, cabbage rolls, and butter chicken for the child and myself.  My dream of a Philadelphia cream cheese with fruity marshmallows side salad will probably never come true.

On Saturday I had a humming bird stuck in the sun room, but by removing every screen it finally found its way out.  Then I went down to the vegetable garden and there were three adolescent quail in my greenhouse!  I had to show them the way out, and it was hard as that is a dumb breed of bird.

But you’ll be quite proud to know I took samples of fruitcake to the local Art Knapps.  Then I e mailed the guy from Choices who I met at the cherry event last month.  He replied that he sent the fruitcakes to head office in Vancouver.  So it’s all I can do at this time, and now back to the paint department for more chips and tester cans of pink paint.

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