Add a Deer to the Mix

Besides the dogs and cats, the lovely birds, squirrels, raccoons and coyotes, I seem to have a deer residing on the property.  I feel so much like Snow White right now, though I must say I’m very glad not to be taking care of a gaggle of dwarves.

The deer seems very mellow, as it was really close to me, just standing there and looking at me with, well, doe eyes.  I’ve seen and heard too many reports lately of deer beating up small dogs, as well as people, so I looked at it, clapped and said, “Beat it!”  It gracefully hopped over the fence and trotted down the hill.

I guess it must now be consoling itself with my tomatoes and broccoli.  I’m not even going to go down there to see what’s happening.  I have no time, anyway.  Margaret’s been here since Saturday, so we’ve been keeping our calendar as full as possible.

I couldn’t even get ready for Margaret’s arrival on Saturday because I was at the annual Cherry Fair at the Laurel Building downtown.  Farmers were there with a variety of cherries for the public to sample, and then there were the intrepid vendors such as myself.

Can you imagine my joy when I arrived to see my table was right beside Choices Market?  A manager was there flogging cherry juice and giving coupons.  I told him about my product, and he started to do the old two-handed, palms-up, backing away saying something about head office making all decisions.

I told him not to worry, but said he might be missing out on a great product.  Soon the public streamed in and people started to sample my chocolate bark and fruitcakes, and people were screaming, “This is the best fruitcake I’ve ever eaten!” and soon I had to drive home and get more fruitcakes!

Luckily Kathy was there to hold the fort for me.  By 3:00 PM I turned to the manager of Choices, and said, “You see, people do seem to like my product.”  To which he went, no kidding, took one of each, and said he seriously wants to do business with me!

Another place that wants my fruitcakes as a result of the Cherry Fair is Davison Orchards, a fruit stand in Vernon.  The manager told me they have a large gourmet section, and carry very high-end products in it, so she thought my product would fit in perfectly.

Hence the Cherry Fair was well worth it, and perhaps some of the people who didn’t buy, but who took my card, will eventually become customers.

I’ve been making tons and tons of apricot jam, and then freezing it so it’ll be beautiful in January or February when I need to taste the Okanagan sun.  Unlike Snow White, I tend to become cranky from time to time, and find something like apricot jam a great antidote for a bad mood.

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