It’s Apricot Jam Season

You know how I swoon over apricot jam each year.  Other than a nice tart plum, it’s the only jam I bother to make.  For those of you who’ve never eaten a ripe Okanagan apricot, you’re probably perplexed why one would do it.  You’ve likely just seen those small, half-green, very hard, tasteless pale things at the store.

It must be similar to the way I regard figs.  I’ve only ever eaten a dried fig, so when I see recipes involving figs, I go, ew.  However, photos of ripe figs do look kind of enticing, so there must be something good about them if gotten from the right source.

The south Okanagan is the right source for large, sweet, juicy apricots.  Mom’s neighbours Lynn and Gerry have about 10 trees, just for their own use.  As Nicky and I were in Osoyoos on Friday, he went out with Lynn to pick a bunch before we left for home on Saturday.

I talked to mom on the phone and said just tell Lynn to keep the apricots coming.  Nicky and I sort through them daily and eat the ripe ones, so not sure how many will be left for jam.

Margaret’s coming on Saturday, so I’m very excited and happy about that.  We’ll do a south Okanagan wine tour on Monday, and have lunch with mom, Gerry and our friend Jerralynn.  Then hopefully I can get another 20 pounds or so of lovely apricots to bring home.

I feel sick even telling you about this, but I’m finally going to try to get with the times and post videos as part of my website, newsletter, blog, etc.  It sounds crazy when you know I regard a pepper mill as having way too many confusing parts.  Now I’m supposed to turn something on, plug things in, load stuff.  I’m nauseous as I type.

Being the narcissist that I am, I love the idea of the final product.  Being the idiot, though, means there are probably going to be a lot of upsets between the idea and You Tube.  I did a rehearsal in Osoyoos, and can see it’s going to be a lot of fun to cook and bake things while being filmed.

Note to self: never go sleeveless. It was another learning experience to see myself on screen, and go yikes to the upper arms.  I think age 50 is probably the cut-off for anything sleeveless for filming purposes.  You don’t see Martha sleeveless do you?

Jerralynn made a fabulous lemon mousse as part of my birthday dinner last Friday.  That dessert was one of those things that I’ll dream about for the rest of my life.  So I was thinking, maybe that’d be a good thing to do.  Get a new recipe, and try it in front of the camera to show people that everyone has to puzzle through new things.  I may have to reiterate that to myself when I get to Part 1: filming.

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