Entrepreneurship is Just Too Damned Hard

 I tried a new coleslaw recipe the other day that was made from grated raw beets, carrots and cabbage.  The recipe called for onions, but I omitted them.  I’d made a traditional coleslaw a while ago which also called for onions, but Nicky said he didn’t like it due to them being in it.

So when he came upstairs for dinner I pointed out I’d left out the onions because last time he didn’t like them.  He said, “Wow!  You really remember things people say about food.  I can barely remember saying that myself.”  I do pride myself in my memory when it comes to people’s favourites and dislikes.

I read in this month’s Martha Stewart magazine that she keeps records of what she’s served to guests so she doesn’t serve them the same thing twice (unless they beg for it).  I shall have to do that over the years once my memory disintegrates further.

My mom, Gerry and I just went to Maple Ridge to celebrate my brother Freddie’s 65th birthday.  We drove down on Saturday as there was a family dinner at their house.  The next day we headed home, except I had to drop mom and Gerry in Osoyoos and then continue up the valley to Kelowna.  By the time I arrived home I felt like I’d had enough driving for a while!

I’m starting to feel like that about the yard, too.  Enough already.  It was $625 to have the garbage and yard waste hauled from the yard, so you can imagine how much debris I’d gathered.  It took three dump trucks!  And now I’m already starting a new pile as there are so many damned pine needles on this one-acre lot.

What I’m cleverly avoiding like the plague is working on the business.  I just say I’m too busy with the yard.  However, if I don’t start marketing nothing much is going to happen.  My sister-in-law Wendy asked me about Dragon’s Den, and I said I can’t humiliate myself that way.  They’d be perplexed by a business person who still hasn’t written a business plan after all these years.

My business plan is always something along the lines of “I hope I make some money.”  And then when I make a sale, I’m thrilled.  Perhaps that’s the secret of entrepreneurship without all of the normal pressures.  If you set crazy-hard goals, you may fail to achieve them, hence be completely bummed out.

But I don’t know if the bar can really be set any lower than my goal of doing one thing a day for the business.  Even that goes by the boards many days in a row, and I think to myself maybe I really am the laziest entrepreneur on Earth!

However, I’m often distracted by things far more important, such as the pie recipes in the June Martha Stewart mag.  As well, I adore the collectibles she features each month as they inspire me to collect.  We both seem to find joy in similar things, though she has millions of dollars as a result of her methods, and I have lovely, soft, achievable goals as my consolation prize.

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