Seven Maids with Seven Mops

You know the lovely poem by Lewis Carroll, the Walrus and the Carpenter?  In it, the two of them are walking along the beach, and weeping at the great quantity of sand. 

“If seven maids with seven mops
Swept it for half a year.
Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,
“That they could get it clear?”
“I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,
And shed a bitter tear.

I thought of this as I was wheeling the thousandth wheelbarrow full of pine needles up the hill, and onto the Big Yard Waste pile I’ve created.  It’s really gigantic.  Besides the yard waste, Nicky and I went through the garage and got rid of things we knew we’d never need.  Gone are ice cream pails filled with casters from old furniture and dozens of door knobs.

Since I have to phone the junk removal man anyway, I decided I may as well make it worth my while.  I found old discarded lumber, blankets and broken furniture to throw onto the pile.  Then of course since it’s spring I thought I may as well put as much yard waste as possible on there, too, hence all the pine needles.

It must be quite sad for my meticulous neighbours, because they see this enormous pile of refuse whenever they leave their front door.  No-one’ll be happier than them when the big truck comes and hauls all of this unsightly detritus out of here.  I’ve already found a nice new spot for future yard garbage, which will conveniently be out of my line of sight.

As well as working on this big yard cleaning project, I’ve been trying to do one thing a day for the business.  The strangest things will hold me up, however.  Right now, I could take my bark to the store owners who expressed interest, but am too unskilled to make the ingredients label for the back!

And these are simply labels, as these small stores just want the main things listed.  However, I don’t know how to make labels, so am sitting here with a package of 1500 of them, the wording ready to go, but not capable of the technology to put the two together.  Oh well.

Then there was the unexpected arrival of Luke and his entourage.  He doesn’t travel alone, and as he’s getting older the numbers of hangers-on is growing.  This time he arrived Friday at midnight, girlfriend in tow, as well as another couple.  By Saturday night Dan (the Boarder) had joined them, so every room in the house was full.

Luke says he has to drive from Alberta to Kelowna to ride his dirt bike.  I asked if there weren’t any trails in Alberta, but he said no.  So they dirt-biked all day Saturday and Sunday, then left early Monday morning, thoroughly biked out.

Once they’d driven off I proceeded to haul the large, round plastic platters from the sushi delivery, and the large aluminum pans from the Greek delivery out of the garbage and put them into recycling.  I started to collect their beer and Jaegermeister empties, and wondered, if I had six more maids around here, and we all had mops, could we perhaps clear this place of some of the debris?

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