Relieving Boredom

I go to the gym five days a week, and when I add up that time commitment it equals an entire work day!  It takes about fifteen minutes before and after the one-hour classes to drive there and get dressed.  So this is 1.5 hours five times a week, which equals 7.5 hours, or a complete day of work.

I guess that’s just what one must do if one is a behemoth.  Although I also go because I simply adore all of the women with whom I chat before and after class.  And, being self-employed, it adds a structure around which I can build my day.  Otherwise, I would be aimlessly lying on the couch, reading.

I’m happy to say I’ve been somewhat more inspired to write lately.  I wrote a couple of short stories, and now have a list of writing contests so that I have deadlines to work toward.  If I can keep writing and submitting, perhaps someone will find my brand of humour funny, and I will be rewarded.

Certainly a cash prize of some type would help around here, considering the amount of food that Nicky consumes.  The other day he came home from the gym, downed a big glass of milk, then grabbed a beer and went downstairs.  You’d think that combination alone would kill a person, but nooooo.

The other night he had a dinner of a large chicken breast, huge pile of rice drenched in butter and two vegetables.  As soon as he had finished that, he buttered a large homemade bran muffin and slathered marmalade on top.  That was immediately followed by a salad bowl filled with Froot Loops and milk.

This was the appetizer.  As soon as he had eaten the cereal, he toasted four pieces of thickly cut bread and spread the toast with a massive amount of peanut butter and sliced bananas.  At that point I went to bed so I have no idea what might have occurred after that.

I’m currently enjoying an e mail relationship with a nice woman who contacted me as a result of reading the Province article that appeared last March.  She wants to start some type of home-based food business, and so has been asking me for advice.  I’m very happy to help her, though as I spell out what I do, and why, and how little I make, it kind of does make me wonder why I continue.

Although it’s kind of handy to be asking myself why I started and why I continue, as I’m trying to write a memoir about the fruitcake experience.  I believe I have a small insight, as I think it’s due to loving challenges and having a great fear of boredom.

And speaking of a great way to fight boredom, you must go and see Avatar in 3D.  I went yesterday afternoon, and I have to say I didn’t notice the 162 minutes go by.  Most of the time I felt much like I did when I saw Phantom of the Opera on stage: I felt like screaming from excitement the entire time.  Now that’s how you relieve boredom!

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