I Love Phil Johnson!

You’ll recall that last week I was ever hopeful that Phil Johnson would come out here and do the morning show.  I couldn’t cajole him into it, but I did have a very funny and long interview on Wednesday morning.  He started out by telling the listeners about some wretched site called the I Hate Fruitcake Hate Page.  He then went on to quote rude suggestions for uses of fruitcake.

After his rant, my first words were, “Do you always bait guests before you have them come on?”  We then went on to discuss why my fruitcake is actually edible, and he very kindly had two staff members comment on-air about how much they love it.

AM 1150 has quite a large listenership, so sales were good in the Kelowna area as a result.  I was also contacted by someone from the Lions Club because they sell fruitcakes for fundraising.  I’ve tried some of their so-called fruitcake, and they really do need a new product.

On Friday morning my fruitcakes and I were mentioned again, this time on and off for two hours on Phil’s show.  He was auctioning off two pairs of Olympic mittens with the money going to the Food Bank.  I had dropped off a couple of fruitcakes after the Wednesday interview, so he decided to add them to the mittens for the successful bidders.

I was then thrilled to get an order for 100 more fruitcakes at the Quality Greens in Kelowna, as well as another order from my friends at Discover Wines and Okanagan Grocery!  Media is just so important to the small business person.  There’s no way I could’ve afforded that much radio coverage.

However, in spite of those orders, things have definitely slowed as we get closer to The Big Day.  This has allowed me to bake my gramma’s cookies and do some Christmas shopping.  It’s all so difficult these days, as everyone has everything, so it’s almost impossible to think of stuff to buy.

Not surprisingly, many of my gifts are homemade food items.  As many people no longer make beautiful delectables, I find a homemade product is always welcome.  For mom’s 94-year-old boyfriend, I’m going to make chicken liver pate as well as some of his favourite cookies, the Zimtsterne.

Zimtsterne, or Cinnamon Stars, are to-die-for delicious cookies.  In the past two days Nicky and I have easily eaten 48 of them.  The recipe’s in my December newsletter, and you should really try to make them as people adore them.  There’s something about the chewy quality, as well as the cinnamon flavour.

As the 2009 fruitcake season draws to a close, I’d like to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, involving all of your favourite people and things.  Eat, drink and be merry!

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