Subtle Changes Here and There Might Help

I’m happy to report that all went well with the interview last Tuesday by Mike Roberts of CHBC-TV.  He’s very funny and makes it easy to be oneself.  Mainly we just kibitzed around, laughing and joking like old pals.  Hopefully the editing won’t wreck any of that camaraderie.

Of course God only knows how I’ll look, as most of the time I totally forgot to pull in my stomach.  When they left I kind of looked at my legs in dismay, as I wore very respectable knee-length shorts, but noticed I could’ve used a shave.

I’m glad to say that the interview kick-started me into baking.  If I can make myself bake every day, even if it’s just one batch, it will help me psychologically.  I keep going downstairs hoping that elves have come in the night and have done  it for me.  However those lazy and ignorant elves don’t seem to want to come to my house.

And who can blame them, really?  They’d have no place to park, they could easily be bitten by one of the dogs, and they’d have about 25 glasses to wash before they could even begin.  It’s strange, but once a glass has been drunk from, even if it contained water, it is not re-usable until it’s been washed and returned to the cupboard.

As difficult as this is going to be, I have decided to switch up my fitness routine at the Woman’s Place gym.  I loathe and fear change, so you can imagine the anxiety as I plan this.  However, I’ve noticed that after eight years of four to five classes per week, I still can’t do a full sit-up.

When Alison was here she suggested pilates would help, so last Thursday I tried one of the classes.  Not bad.  Then next week I’m throwing in a yoga class, as well as a specific abdominal class.  If it kills me, this carcass is going to sit up.

Margaret feels my social media is improving a bit, as I’m now on Twitter and sending the odd tweet.  Why, I still don’t know, but like a beaten mule I just do her bidding.  You can read these boring little snippets on Twitter @MoniSchiller.  Yawn.

I guess it’s just because I feel I can’t be witty in 120 characters or less.  But Margaret swears this is going to improve my business, so I’m trying to keep an open mind.  And for good measure, a shut mouth.

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