The Car Lot

I’m happy to report that Luke got a job, so now I have three people leaving the house for work every morning.  Sadly, though, this doesn’t appear to mean that we’ll have one less person here anytime soon.  Luke has informed me that he’s not moving out until he moves into a condo of his own!  He’s now 23 so maybe by the age of 30 he’ll be gone.

I told Denis, who went into a tirade that is unprintable.  He keeps threatening to get an apartment in Rutland.  I sympathize with him, but sadly not a soul sympathizes with me when I say that there are simply too many vehicles in our yard.

With Luke’s new job came a work vehicle.  He has his own car, and Nicky has a non-working Civic, on blocks, and a working Integra.  Another vehicle on blocks is my dear old Nissan van, which was disassembled, and then never ran again.  I have a car, and Denis has a pickup and a work vehicle.  That makes eight cars.

A friend visiting from Nelson said, “You know what you need is a few more cars parked on your lot.”  Grrrrr.  My sense of humour is fleeing as quickly as I wish these damned cars would.  And yet here I am, bravely dead-heading, watering and weeding my flowers as though I was living in a normal yard.

I’m not sure what Mike Roberts of CHBC-TV’s going to think when he arrives on Tuesday.  At least three of the vehicles will be gone for the day, so that’s good.  In any case I’m sure he’ll be totally distracted by the three hounds gnashing at his ankles and feet.

I plan to spend the long weekend prepping for the shoot, as I couldn’t do a thing until now due to a flurry of social activity.  Alison and Liz, two people I’ve loved since we were six, arrived on Wednesday.  Alison came from Toronto, and Liz from Penticton. We had a fab lunch at the Wild Apple Restaurant in Manteo Resort.

The next day we drove south and had a great lunch at the Dream Cafe in Penticton.  I love places that cook with as much garlic as I do.  We then continued south to Osoyoos and spent the night at my gramma’s old house in my mom’s orchard.

Gerry had the little house painted pink, so it’s named the Casa Rosa.  It’s situated in the middle of the orchard with a gorgeous view of Osoyoos Lake and the mountains. In the morning we enjoyed our morning coffee outside in the hot Okanagan sun.  Then we wandered around in our PJ’s picking ripe nectarines from the trees behind the house.

Later we went to lunch at the Nk’Mip Winery with Phyllis and Rhonda, also adored since grade one.  All of us turned 55 this year, so we were having a communal celebration.  I drove home after that, completely exhausted.  I now must rally the Muse of Television Interview Preparation.  Step one: hope for car thieves to strike in the night.

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