How Staining a Deck can be Detrimental to your Health

Denis’ idea of home ownership is to ignore any renovation and maintenance issues.  After several years of mentioning that I think the deck needs staining, he decided this was the year that it would finally happen.  Last weekend when I asked for the hundredth time when the event might occur he said, “next weekend.”

A few days later mom and Gerry were by for a visit, and as we were all assembled out on the deck I proudly told them about the impending deck maintenance project.  Denis piped up with, “Oh, um, I’ve got a hockey tournament next weekend.  But I can do some of it between games.”

So imagine the mood I’m in as I type this blog.  I’ve just spent two days in the blazing sun working like Octomom during flu season.  To add drama, it ended last night with me stumbling backwards and cutting the bottom of my foot really badly on a sharp stone edge.

The bad mood began on Friday morning when I woke up with a horrible stiff neck.  It got worse when I went to the store and bought the stain.  I never know where to find anything in Rona, and even when I find stuff, I have no idea what to do with any of it.

The saga then continued on Saturday when Luke, Nicky and I took turns using the pressure washer to blast the old stain off the deck.  This took several hours.  Then we applied some wood cleaner with a mop, and rinsed the whole deck.  By this time my biceps were shot and I needed a large glass of wine.

On Sunday morning we were ready for the actual staining, and after a day in the sun I was ready to kill someone.  I believe I am done with it, and am hoping that Mr. Hockey will apply the final coat.  If the deck burns down at this point I will not care, as I am very close to needing hospitalization.

Besides a sun burn, I have a cold sore and the aforementioned stiff neck.  My foot hurt so badly last night that I had to take two Tylenol.  I have a weird pain in my throat that I am sure is some type of malignancy.  Have I mentioned that I’m a hypochondriac?

Next week should be somewhat better, as I have two deliveries of Okanagan Harvest Cake to make to the south Okanagan.  That means a trip to visit mom and Gerry, and the opportunity to drive through the most beautiful scenery in the world.

As you know, I was just in Germany and it’s a beautiful country.  However, whatever they have there is, in my biased opinion, dwarfed by the majesty of the Okanagan Valley.  And now to top off all of that beauty, there is a lovely, newly-stained deck in East Kelowna to add to it all.

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