Miss Chatelaine

I’m humming kd lang’s song because I’m this close to getting into Chatelaine Magazine!  I sent an e mail to the food editor reminding her that she’d invited me to contact her in May or June of this year.  She sent a brief reply thanking me and said, “we will look at it for this fall.”  Can you believe that?!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying to the God of Success for this to come to fruition.  We all recall the hope of City TV, don’t we?  So just because something may happen we know it doesn’t mean a thing.  However, I have to say I’m completely pumped by the possibility, and this has helped motivate me in several ways.

For starters, I cleaned the sun room in preparation for the coming season, and this involves at least an hour of vacuuming on one’s knees.  Further degradation on behalf of the house involved me doffing my attire and using both Comet and CLR to scour the interior of the basement shower.

I’ve also frolicked around the garden like an overweight gnome, planting 17 different varieties of vegetables.  The dahlias I’d put into the greenhouse sprouted nicely and I’ve planted them around the house.  I’m thinking that all of this positive karma has got to help the business.

However, in terms of actual fruitcake production I must say I’ve been rather remiss lately. ‘Lately’ being a slightly misleading term meaning the past four or five months!  Also, I’m hiding from my web designer because he asked me to do something technical for the newsletter.  It’s funny, isn’t it, how one can come within a hair’s breadth of success, and then sit there, immobilized.

Once again, food comes to the rescue.  Rather than do the above, I prefer to cook and bake for family and friends.  I discovered that Luke’s pal Ryan Higgins will work for food.  In exchange for assisting Luke in digging the sixth bed in my vegetable garden he’s been here nightly for dinners.

Then Dan, aka The Boarder, showed up from Calgary for the weekend.  He and Luke impulsively went off to Osoyoos to stay in mom’s guest house for the night.  However when I showed Dan a pot roast I’d bought, he said he would postpone his return to Calgary by one day and would definitely be here for dinner tomorrow night.

While the kids were out digging yesterday, I decided they needed fortification, so made granola bars and date squares.  My rationale was that both are fairly healthy.  Unfortunately, this rationale completely went to my head, and before I knew it I was bloated.  It turns out there’s an actual limit of rolled oats that the body will accept.

And now with the house in some semblance of shape and the yard up-to-date, I do hope I’ll snap out of this avoidance thing.  And speaking of which, remember my pledge to write a book or two this year?  Maybe I should aim for a page or two a year and I would actually realize my goals.

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