Big Dreams

I have inspirational messages sent to me daily from a place called  Today’s said, “The power is within you.”   I dearly hope that it is because one thing I’d really like to do this year is to write another book.  As you know, I wrote a 100 page romance novel which was soundly rejected by the Harlequin critique people.

This time I’d like to write more within my own interests, which is memoir and non-fiction.  Mom wants her life story recorded, so I’ll start there.  I’ve also started a book about my journey as a fruitcake entrepreneur.  I find it kind of laughable, though, as I can barely write a one-page weekly blog and now I want to write one or possibly two books.  Mad!  Dream big or go home, I guess, is my motto for 2009.

To help with the writing I’m returning to UBC-Okanagan to take the second half of first-year creative writing.  It starts tomorrow and ends in April.  With that behind me, I can apparently take a second-year creative writing course in the fall in non-fiction.  It appears that the insanely strong desire to write has finally reached the breaking point.

Besides writing, I have two trips planned for this year.  The first one occurs in three weeks when Marilyn and I will wing our way to Hawaii.  The second will occur in late April when Nicky and I will go to Germany to visit our relatives.  I’m looking forward to both, but after seeing the nightmare of Christmas airline travel I have to admit that I’m quaking a bit at the thought of any delays.

A goal for the fruitcake business is to get into both Country Woman and Chatelaine’s December issues.  I also need to find other magazines which might be interested, and get really focused with marketing.

A constant irritant is my inability to get into more local winery shops with the Okanagan Harvest Cake.  These places have shortbread from England and poached pears from California, but they balk at a locally-made product.  Why??

I made the mistake of reading Marly and Me, and sobbed my heart out over the ending.  Though I knew the old dog would die, I perversely continued reading.  The next day I showed up at the gym with one eye big and one eye small.  I just said to the women, “Look, I read Marly and Me, so this is my own fault.”

Arnie is now in his 14th year, and is totally dependant on me, as was Marly on his owner.  I’ve had that dog since he was six weeks old, and we’ve been inseparable for his entire life.  Needless to say, I over-identified with Marly’s owner!

So who knows what joys and sorrows 2009 will bring?  But no matter what, as usual, I am pretty well ga ga with excitement about the whole thing.

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