Yes, I’m still here

I’m here, just madder than a wet hen, that’s all.  I just spent two days at Prospera Place for the annual craft fair, and have sworn never to do that again.  I’m not sure what triggers people’s out-sized appetites at these events, but I know that we went through at least 30 fruitcakes in two days.  I had samples of each out, and people were wolfing them down as though they were dachshunds who hadn’t eaten in days.

Then, mouths full, they would ask if the product was in any of the stores.  When I told them the names of the stores, they would say, “Great.  I’ll get one closer to Christmas.”  Hence, I was competing with myself in the stores.  Marilyn and I were hoping to have someone complain about the price as she and I have both been itching for a reason to punch someone’s lights out.

The other morning at around 7:30 I was making a sandwich for Nicky, while he made his coffee and Denis fooled around making his own breakfast.  Just having these buffoons that close to me at that hour of the morning made my blood boil.  Seeing their sloppy mannerisms as they spilled sugar and burned toast made me understand family violence.  However, I said nothing and got away from there as fast as I could.

When I mentioned this to Marilyn the other day, she concurred that she has recently been about as close to homicide as a person can get.  I believe we have discovered the root of the problem, though, and I think it’s called “burn-out.”  Yes, even Amazons get the blues.  So, we are going to wing our way to Kauai at the end of January and spend ten days lazing about on a beach.  Hopefully we will return all sweetness and light.

In the meantime, however, I have to package fruitcakes with the speed of a Chinese manufacturing plant worker.  I had a great day of packaging on November 4th, as I could watch the American election all day long.  It helped me not notice that I was ready to start throwing the fruitcakes.  By evening a dozen cases were done, and I was right there alongside Oprah, crying with exhilaration and optimism for the future.

And that’s how I should be feeling right now about the fruitcake business, too.  I now have steady on-line orders, and so I know more converts are coming my way.  We sent a ton of people to the local stores, so they will hopefully be re-ordering shortly.  Now I just need the cuticles and strength to package over 3,000 fruitcakes.

I guess you’re wondering why anyone in their right mind would package at this late date.  It has caused me some serious thought as well.  However, I’m one of those people who thinks everything takes ‘a few minutes’ then ten hours later am quite surprised.  Oh well.  The only fall-out to date appears to be a serious case of the crankies.

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