Independence Day

Denis left last weekend with one of his brothers on one of those silly motorcycle excursions.  They went to San Diego, returning in a week or so.  Then, on Monday night Nicky left for three days of camping with his girlfriend.  I therefore found myself gloriously and happily alone.

Do you remember that dog on the cartoon Huckleberry Hound?  When someone threw him a biscuit he would go “ooh”, “ahhh”, “mmm” as he floated up, crossing and re-crossing his arms to hug himself, going sideways and floating back down to earth.   He was just so damn happy, and that was me on Hall Road for the past three nights.

First of all, dinner was always ready within five minutes of my starting to make it.  I made as much noise in the house as I felt like, especially at dawn when I love to race around singing.  I’ve always been partial to big musicals, so one of my favourites is Oh What a Beautiful Morning!  In any case, the dogs seemed okay with it, though they cowered a bit at times.

It was over 30 degrees every day, so I had the air conditioner on non-stop.  One night the dogs were all under the blankets with me, and it was actually chilly!  Denis thinks air conditioning is poisonous, and should only be used very sparingly.  Certainly at night, he wants the windows open.  I keep telling him that he’s completely insane, but he won’t stop doing it.

Sadly, though, it ended at noon today when Nicky arrived home, all lovely and tanned from three days at the lake.  He promptly got ready for a nap, but asked if I could please put his clothes in the dryer for him.  It’s just as well, really, because I need to snap out of my euphoric mood and get ready for whatever the universe has in store for me.

As anyone who has ever had any reason to speak with me about fruitcake knows, today I was on CBC Radio’s show, Sounds Like Canada.  I immediately had orders coming in, so it has been totally wonderful.

On Monday I have another brain storming session with Prerna Chandak, the amazing young entrepreneur with whom I’ve been paired.  She’s like having a personal coach – she will kick my butt, and that’s a good thing.

With any luck, Nicky was napping to get his strength up for a night on the town.  That way, it’ll just be me, the three hounds and the two tabby cats.  The pets’ll be in for an evening of a pretty distorted imitation of Tom Cruise in Risky Business.  There will be underwear involved, but that’s where the similarities will end.

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