Oh How I Love CBC!

Quelle joie! I have several tomatoes and one adorable little green pepper in my vegetable garden.  Being completely stupid, I had no idea that the onions were to be separated, so planted the clump and of course they died.  However, I have so much chard and lettuce that I made my first delivery to the food bank last week.  The other day I said to Denis, “Get used to having a salad nightly.”

But even more thrilling than the vegetables is my recent spate of luck regarding CBC Radio.  The wonderful producer of Sounds Like Canada set me up with two entrepreneurs, and I was able to tell each of them about my business, and they each gave me suggestions.  Needless to say, I’ve been ruminating about each and every one of them ever since.

The first person with whom I spoke is a very successful bakery owner in Toronto named Dufflett Rosenberg.  She’s been in the business for 30 years and has three very popular and successful bakeries.  Upon hearing of my tiny, silly, wee business, she suggested that there may be nothing wrong with staying small.

She pointed out that I have a lovely lifestyle, and this would certainly be compromised by insane, rapid growth.  Dufflett thought if I sold more to customers directly, rather than to stores, I could bake the same amount, but make more money.

The second person I had the great pleasure to speak with is a 20-year-old go-getter named Prerna Chandak.  She has a business which assists young entrepreneurs access funds.  I spoke with her for 45 minutes, and again, another poor person had to listen to the story of Nuttier.  However, she was completely enthused by my story, and suggested as she has connections in Toronto, that she might be able to get me onto City T.V.  If that happens, well then you can say, “I knew her when.”

However, both women cautioned that this sudden infusion of fame will bring offers and ideas from others, and that I’ll have to remain completely focused on my goal.  Because I’m as malleable as Plasticene on  hot summer’s day, I know I’ll have some difficulty with this.

On Wednesday at 8:45 AM I’m to be at the local CBC Radio studio where my interview will be taped, and then hopefully it’ll be played on Sounds Like Canada on Friday, July 4th.  Once that’s happened, I’ll just have to see what the fates bring my way.  After all, just three weeks ago I was just an unknown fruitcake monger on a mission, and now I’ll be on national radio.  Quelle joie!

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