Tiptoe through the Tulips

Gardeners are an odd lot, as we get mysterious joy from doing something like planting bulbs in the fall.  I bought 60 tulip bulbs the other day, 35 pink and 25 yellow, and planted them along the driveway.  It nearly killed me to dig out the old tulips, and in the end I succumbed to kneeling and digging with a hand shovel.  My back simply would not tolerate the angle required for the full sized shovel.

But now I can dream of the drifts of pink and yellow that will greet me each day next April or May.  Actually by February I’ll be out there studying the ground looking for signs of life.  Now that’s fun!

This morning I realized that the house’s feng shui was terrible, due to an overload of dirt.  As I’ve been baking and doing all of the things associated with that, I’ve neglected the house terribly.  So, I began in the entrance and dusted, washed, and cleaned myself silly.  I moved into the kitchen and dining area, and by then ta da! the phone rang and a nice woman from a cute sounding store on Saltspring Island ordered two cases of Okanagan Harvest Cake!

I then went downstairs to turn on the auto-clean for the ovens, and when I came back to my e mail an order had been placed from a highly-recommended store in Calgary! Tomorrow I shall move into the living room, and then continue throughout the house until I have more orders than I know what to do with.  It is truly amazing how feng shui works.  Removing dirt and clutter is definitely Step One.

For someone who loathes technology, this next step in the business may be a doozy.  I’ve applied for the ability to accept credit cards.  Part of it involves getting one of those adorable credit card machines, so I can swipe people’s cards to my heart’s content.  I’ll be giving it a whirl at the upcoming tsunami known as the Christmas craft event at Prospera Place.  A report will be forthcoming.

Nicky now says he wants a $400 winter jacket from a store called Island Snow.  I suggested he try Winners first, but he said he wanted to look “like all the other kids” at university.  Both Denis and I cried and whined, and I think we have him buying it himself.  However, just now he stated quite emphatically that he expected Christmas to be big to compensate.

Tonight I expect we’ll have our usual complement of about six trick or treaters for Halloween.  Nonetheless the other day I thought it would be a good idea to get a two kg. bag of mini Oh Henry’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Glosette peanuts and raisins.  After several dizzying nights, I’ve come to the conclusion that Halloween candy is best bought on the day of the occasion.

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