Pink Roses

It’s been unseasonably hot, so the roses have been blooming away very happily.  I have one bush that blooms in June, and it’s full of buds as well as mature blooms.  Two days ago we had one of those bouts of heavy rain, and now half of the branches are hanging on the ground, and many of the petals are scattered underneath.  It’s quite wonderful to see a sea of pink petals, as I’m irrational about pink.

I inherited a pink and green Chinese dish from my pal Alison’s mom, and decorated our bathroom around it.  The walls are covered in beautiful pink and green floral designer wallpaper and the back of the door is painted a shell pink.  I went with white for the soaker tub, sinks and toilet, so it looks ultra Victorian.  It’s quite a lot of fun to light all the candles around the tub, fill it with lavender salts and hot water, and just lie there thinking.

 I’ve noticed that working from home has caused a good ten pound weight gain.  You know how when you get home from work and you walk around opening cupboard doors and look into the fridge?  Now imagine doing this 24/7 and you can understand the problem.  When I worked outside the home I would make a healthy salad, eat that at lunch, and be happy until I ate dinner at home.  Now, I see last night’s leftovers, and think, “Why not eat two dinners per day, instead of the silly old one?”

Out of the blue a bride phoned from San Francisco inquiring about wedding favours.  I told her that I was actually trying to get out of the wedding favour business, and she asked why. I explained that cutting up pieces of cake, then cutting little squares of saran wrap, cutting lengths of ribbon, wrapping the cake, and then wrapping it in ribbon makes me crazy. She understood completely, but nonetheless wants her favours.  So, I’m mailing her a sample tomorrow, and then we’ll see if I survive it, as at the end of the call she mentioned that there are 200 guests……

Our niece, Gen, was married last Saturday at a place on the west side of the lake, between Kelowna and Vernon, called Fintry.  It used to be where the steamships docked.  It was unseasonably hot for early June, and the ceremony was held out in the sun.  The chairs were so hot that when we sat, a few people gasped.  It was quite adorable, though, as they had their dog, Riley, as the ring bearer.  When it was time for the ring, they called, “Here boy!” and he bounded over with the rings.

So, this morning when I dumped what looked like leftover milk into the sink from a glass I had found downstairs and discovered that it was solid, I sighed.  It looks like it’ll be years before I go downstairs and no longer find that kind of thing.  Even as I type this Nicky and his friend Jordan are off to register for four long years at UBC Okanagan.

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