Speaking Moistly

You may recall in 2020 our Prime Minister stated a mask will protect us from people “speaking moistly.”  I think that was the cause for me catching covid after I returned from Mexico.  At the Puerto Vallarta airport it was standing room only, and with that kind of a din everyone who was speaking, was speaking moistly.  No one was wearing a mask, so it’s possible I could’ve caught the virus there.

However I also chatted with the woman in the seat next to me for the nearly five-hour flight, so perhaps she was speaking moistly and carried the virus.  The funny thing is Margaret was on a different flight, wore a mask at the airport and on the plane, and didn’t catch covid, so who’s laughing now?

It was kind of horrible for two days, and then settled into a deep fatigue that was impossible to shake.  All I could do was lie on the couch reading and napping.  The cats helped a lot as they often laid on top of me as we went through fantastical dreams together.  Out of sheer boredom I made myself a photo book of the Mexico trip.

Finally the fog lifted, and I was able to get out and live normally again.  I was thrilled as I had lost five pounds due to not being hungry at all, and now have been saddened to see the same five pounds have already returned, asking me if I missed them, and me replying no I didn’t.

Yesterday I had a small birthday dinner for Petra but we missed our pal Donna who fell and broke her wrist and a rib or two.  Just for reference, a couple of years ago we were all meeting at Petra’s, and Donna had slipped and fallen on her way into her car, but continued on to Petra’s where we had dinner.

Donna’s wrist was sore and swollen, and then becoming larger and more blue, so Donna said she thought she should check in at the hospital on her way home, which she did, and found out she had a broken wrist.  So only a broken wrist wouldn’t stop the woman from attending an event, but the addition of the rib was the deal-breaker.

I visited mom on the weekend, and for lunch mom had me heat up a concoction of thawed apricots and cooked spaghetti.  When I stirred it it was foamy, but mom said even if it had “gone over” it wouldn’t hurt anyone and ate it.  I’ve seen documentaries on people with serious diseases like cancer who cured themselves by eating rotten food so this could be the secret to longevity.

Sharon had forgotten her glasses here last evening, and as I had a hair appointment nearby I said I’d drop them off, which I did, then thought oh what the heck, and went to the Mission Thrift Store to poke around.  I’m glad I did as I got a fake ivy plant for outside the front door and a yellow Pyrex bowl for my collection.  I’m not normal near Pyrex, and I don’t have a small yellow one, so it was a good thing I stopped in.

Elsa’s house is full due to our constant treasure hunting, however she alleges she’s going to get rid of a lot of stuff so the kids don’t have to deal with it when she’s dead.  I said oh not me.  I’m going to keep amassing other people’s garbage and then when I die, it’s going to be one helluva clean-up job for the kids.  Cry me a river.

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