A Wedding and Two Funerals

I’ve now attended three significant events at my brother’s house on Whonnock Lake in Maple Ridge in the past ten years.  First, my niece Julie’s wedding, almost ten years ago, and then in quick succession a memorial for Freddie almost two years ago followed by one last week for Twig.  I could have called this post A Wedding and Two Memorials but it loses its punch.

Jan had a nightmarish experience and wasn’t able to open her PCR test results so had to miss her planned flight to Thailand, so she was heartbroken, but re-booked it all, leaving a week later.  She was flying from Kelowna so Luke dropped her off in his truck, parked here, and we drove in my Jetta to Maple Ridge.

I love the turbo charge, but less when Luke’s driving as I don’t like him going “look, we easily made that corner at 110 and the sign says 70!”  Sometimes I just closed my eyes as I could imagine the pain of being smacked by the air bags as they deploy.  But it was all for nothing as we arrived safe and sound at 12:30.

The event began at 2:00 and the girls had rented a large tent, same as for the other two events, but added heaters due to the time of year, and had organized catering and had masses of alcoholic beverages.  Everyone was invited to take one of Twig’s teacups as they didn’t want them, plus they said it’d be a great way to “have a cup of tea with Twig.”

I, being a trained shark from thrift, picked up an Aynsley turquoise blue cup and saucer with a fruit theme.  I came home and Googled it and see it’s worth around $262.  I felt extremely proud, but don’t they say after 10,000 hours of something a person becomes an expert?  I’m pretty sure Elsa and I have done that amount of time over the years.

The girls, Twig’s brother and Freddie’s best friend Stu all spoke about Twig, and Jason had made a beautiful slideshow of her life.  It was lovely to see them all in days gone by, but horribly sad as Freddie and Twig were both just 74 when they died which is quite young these days.  We’ll miss them, that’s for sure.

When we were driving down Luke said he was dead tired because he and Jan had gotten up at 4:00 AM in Osoyoos because she was catching the plane in Kelowna that morning.  I said well that’s good as then maybe we can leave at a decent hour, like 9:00.  At Freddie’s memorial I went to bed at midnight, and the rah rahing outside went on until dawn so I really didn’t want that given Luke and I had to drive to Julie’s house to sleep.

At 9:00 Luke was swilling beer, laughing and talking, having a ball and I was standing looking at him the way the dogs do when we visit somewhere and they figure it’s time to go home.  He looked at me and said “I know what you’re thinking.”  I did manage to get him out of there shortly after which was good, and I drove in pitch dark with him helping with directions to Julie and Jason’s lovely house on the Alouette River.

The next morning we left smartly at 8:00 and naturally now the oil light was on so we had to stop and top up with that plus gas, then the death-defying 140 KPH on the straight ways, the accelerated passes on the freeway, and the eye-shutting testing the limits of what speed the car will hold on turns….. fun!  Made it though.

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