A Downward Dog a Day

According to Adriene Mischler of Yoga with Adriene, a downward dog a day keeps the doctor away, and so far, so good as I’ve been doing yoga daily for two years now, minus the two months my left knee felt like a knife was being stabbed into it.  It hasn’t done a thing for my weight but it’s a good exercise for the body, mind and soul.

Besides yoga, I’ve managed to bake five different kinds of cookies which I’ve given away as gifts and plan to re-bake tomorrow.  A lot of inspiration comes from the marvelous Great British Baking Show which I just adore, though their orange cardamom cookies weren’t as wonderful as I thought they’d be.  Maybe it was just my methods.

I made one of my favourite German cookies, called Zimmtsterne which means cinnamon stars.  They’re meringue mixed with ground almonds and flavoured with cinnamon.  When they come out of the oven they’re warm, thick and juicy, and so the other night I just gave in entirely and ate as many of them as I could before I felt sick.  I must’ve gotten at least eight of them down.

There’s joy in Osoyoos as the modular home was delivered on Friday.  It’s basically two mobile homes that they’ll join in the middle, so it’s not much of a house, but it looks cute already with its nice large front porch.  Once landscaped and when the stairs are attached it’ll look like a proper house.

You may already know this, but now at thrift you no longer have to buy used items as the places are stacked with items still in their boxes.  We’re now at the point we’re giving brand new items to thrift, so if you need a small appliance, check them out first.  I found a nice toaster in the box for $8.00 at Value Village, and to my annoyance, a woman in front of me in line had a Breville juicer in the box, and I imagine it would’ve gone for around $20.00.

A nice customer told me he bought a standing mixer there for around $20 which he sold for over $200 as they’re $600 at the store.  You’d have to be nuts to buy everything at retail, and even if you’re flush with dough and sneer at thrift, you might give a thought to all the stuff already made that nobody wants.  Why must we make more?

But if you insist, here’s an excellent way to get rid of an awful big chunk of money very quickly, go to Costco.  After Elsa and I had browsed thrift for a couple of hours and found a few treasures, she suggested we stop at Costco on our way home because I needed pecans.

I think we may have been in that place for about 20 minutes in total, and the bill was close to $500.  I haven’t been to Costco in a couple of years as I wisely gave up my membership, so I was doing the “Look, Hellmans mayo for $6.99” gag and loading up the Volkswagen-sized shopping cart with random items.

The good news is, I did get my pecans, but I also got chocolate, almonds, beef jerky, cheese, mayonnaise and dish towels.  Elsa bought some Christmas gifts for the kids, and so we marveled at the amounts due for each: mine was $178 for twenty minutes.

A downward dog a day is needed when one does stupid stuff like that.  Ooooohhhhmm.

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