An Awful Lot of Restaurants

It was my birthday July 13th, and even though a very unimportant number, I seem to have had an awful lot of celebrations.  It began with Margaret taking me out to the Orchard Room which is a Mexican restaurant though one wouldn’t guess that from the name.

They make an interesting browned butter banana infused rum daiquiri that Margaret and I both loved.  One thing I like are two-ounce drinks, as otherwise how do you know for sure you’re drinking any alcohol?  These were, and I can vouch for both the strength and deliciousness.

This was followed by a Happy Hour invitation from Kathy to the Cactus Club, then a dinner with The Crones at the Eldorado, courtesy of Donna which was insane as the Eldorado doesn’t mind charging $43 a plate for an entrée.

I hadn’t seen my friend Lorraine in ages, so she and I met at Earls for their Happy Hour and it was also lovely with Margaritas and chicken tacos.  Sadly, they opt for the 1.5- ounce cocktail but one has to compromise at times.  I still think Earls is one of the nicest venues in Kelowna as you overlook the lake.

Last weekend Margaret and I went to the Famoso Pizzeria and Bar and had their fettuccine Alfredo which was nice.  The next day Marie took me to Milestones for lunch where we both horked down burgers and fries, and as it was supposedly my birthday (long gone, but it was my celebratory lunch with Marie) I got a complimentary piece of chocolate ganache torte which we shared but were still too full.

You’d think well, that should satisfy the woman for a while, but no, as I believe tomorrow Kathy and I plan to go to Smack Dab.  How this will all end weight-wise is anyone’s guess. 

I had an interesting learning experience today, as my built-in vacuum stopped working and I had to call the repairman.  He pointed out the amount of white powdery diatomaceous earth spread out in the basement to prevent ants could be the cause of the pooched motor. 

Not sure if I mentioned this but Nicky’s partner has a phobia about ants, so the basement had to be sealed with tape, silicone, and then surrounded by mounds of this white powder.  I guess when it enters a motor it will seize.

The repairman had to turn off the power to the house as he didn’t know which breaker went to the vacuum, and as I was in the midst of washing dishes, I turned on the tap but no water.  Then I went oh of course, with the well, it requires a pump and that requires electricity.  This naturally made my blood run cold as I thought what if there’s a fire and the power is turned off; I won’t have any water.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  Now I can water at will, but if there’s no power then I can’t water at all.  It’s funny the kinds of things you never think of until you’re right in the midst of it.

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