New Skills and Habits

I can thank my hairdresser for this, as I now know how to dye my own hair!  Isn’t that amazing?  A couple of my friends told me their hairdressers have sold them their individual hair colours from the salon, so I e mailed mine and said do you do that, too?  She replied she didn’t, so I had to bravely learn something new.

So now Miss Clairol Nice N Easy light blonde it is.  I got advice from six feet away from a nice customer service woman in the drug store who told me exactly what to do.  I said do I need one of those flat brushes or clips to part the hair, and she scoffed saying you don’t need any of that.  And indeed I didn’t as I got rid of the nasty gray roots.

Here’s another beauty enhancement story of a different kind.  Nicky, his partner and their baby were out for a walk when they stopped to chat with a neighbour.  Nicky said the neighbour pointed out an ingrown hair which caused a pimple and bam! Before Nicky could think the neighbour popped the pimple for him.

I said oh my God that’s a person not overly worried about physical distancing.  And speaking of which, I’ve developed a nice habit of going for hour-long walks with friends along the Mission Creek Greenway.  That way we visit and catch up while exercising and getting fresh air.  I hope we continue once this is over as that’s a good thing to do.

The other day on a bench Marie pointed out a sticker which had said Trump 2020 and someone had scratched off the T.  I said Rump 2020 sounds about right.

Poor Shaw Cable.  The other day my phone was dead so I used the live chat and explained the situation.  I had three different people over an hour, and none could help so I gave up after giving them supreme hell.  I then went to the where the phone’s plugged in and saw Frieda had chewed the cord.  Off to Best Buy for a new one.

After one of the walks Margaret came over to sit out in the sun room for a drink, and then Luke and Jan came by as she needed help to apply for a government grant on-line.  During the visit Luke explained his plan to sell his condo and then he and Jan will move into Denis’ tiny house.

It was so hilarious as of course Jan is totally aghast and I don’t blame her as that’s a very small house for three people.  There’s one bathroom and a second dumpy bedroom in the basement which Denis is allegedly voluntarily going to move into!  Who does stuff like that?  Why?

But here’s a great situation for developing a script.  A millennial gamer and his Thai wife move into a little old house with the gamer’s dad, only to find nothing but strife and hilarity ensues.  I’m hoping it’ll happen as at times one needs a bit of a chuckle.

And maybe it’s because Nicky lives in my basement that Luke thought hey I wanna live with a parent, too.  Who would know what’s in these kids’ minds?

My latest skill has been to grow bedding plants from seeds, and again, thank you Covid 19 for making me want to avoid lining up to both enter and exit a store.  It’s funny but it turns out there are few things I want that badly.  Hopefully that’ll last, too.

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