All of my Bees are Dead

If you’re a friend of Nuttier than a Fruitcake on Facebook, you already know a filthy bear came by one night last week and beat up my hive and ate every single bee.  The two hive boxes remained stuck together from propolis (the bees’ wax) and were thrown about 20 feet.  Some of the frames were out of the boxes and were scraped clean of honey, and some were broken.

At that temperature the bees wouldn’t put up any fight at all, and the cold night air likely killed them on contact.  So it was easy and convenient for the bear to sit there eating bees and honey to his or her heart’s content.  I thought that bear was the one that I’d heard had been shot but I guess not.

I’d already ordered a hive for next year, thinking it’d be a “second” hive, but now it’ll be back to the beginning with a new hive of baby bees.  No honey next year, and then hopefully they’ll make it through bear season and over winter.

There’s been no winter here to speak of, and that’s likely why that pesky bear decided not to hibernate.  Yesterday I was outside washing windows and pulling old perennials out of the garden, sweating with a winter coat on.  That doesn’t seem normal for the end of November, but I don’t mind it.

One day.  That’s how long interest in new projects lasts around here.  You’ll recall Luke was all excited to help me with the old German stamp collection.  He photographed the one set of full sheets of un-cancelled stamps, put them on Reddit, and when there was no interest, he moved on.

I said but when will you come back to help me with the much harder part, IE the individual cancelled stamps?  He said he’s far too busy building a sound proof room and did I have any old towels he could use?  I didn’t ask what this room is for, as I imagine it’s just another bit of nonsense for his computer gaming.

On Sunday Jan and I are off to Disneyland, and I believe I’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s.  The seats are booked for both flights, the Kelowna to Seattle, and the Seattle to John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

Two single rooms at a filthy old Days Inn are booked, and I’ve packed my bathing suit as it says they have a pool.  Even though chilly there (18 degrees today) I’m damn well using the pool as long as it’s heated.

Two three-day passes to Disneyland and Disneyland Adventure Park, and two one day passes to Universal Studios have been bought.  Today I got some American money and wept a bit at the till.  $300 US cost me $408 Canadian.

Here’s some annoyance, but in my research on the theme parks I see the Jurassic Park ride at Universal is closed for renovation.  That was one scary ride.  However someone kindly filmed The Mummy ride, and it is scarier than close-ups of Trump’s head.  I wonder if Jan and I will have the nerve to ride that coaster in the dark.

Tomorrow I’m getting my Christmas tree and decorating it so will be curious to see what the cats deign to leave standing for me upon my return.  Hopefully Nicky will think to right the tree if he sees it lying sideways in the living room.

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