Czech Queen is Dead

As you may recall, I bought a mated queen from a Czechoslovakian beekeeper at the end of July, and I put her into my queenless hive.  She chewed through the marshmallow plug and escaped her cage, so I felt hopeful as she obviously must’ve made her way into the hive.

Lorraine came last week to help me inspect, and sadly, the Czech queen is dead!  There was some three-week old capped brood, but nothing recent, indicating she tried to lay some eggs, but then died or was killed.  Bummer.

I now have to order yet another ‘nuc’ hive for next spring.  No one tried harder than Lorraine and me to get that second hive going.  I’d put in a frame from the old hive, she’d put in a frame.  Then she put in a whole box of frames.  Finally we put in the mated queen, and still nothing.

Like the gardener’s cry of “next year!” I find it applies well to beekeeping too.  Hope springs eternal and all of that.

And speaking of hope, I’ve taken my first singing lesson, and just loved it, so have signed up for a full year.  I met the nice teacher yesterday and at the end of the first lesson I asked if she thought there was any hope, and she replied “of course!”  So let’s see what happens with that.

As you may know, I like to belt out songs at any opportune moment, yet the singing is not so good in that it’s mostly flat and out of key.  I said to Charissa, all I want is to be able to hold a tune, and to complete a song in the same key I began in, which she felt was all doable.

After the lesson I was invited to my friend Carol’s on the west side, and had to fight heavy traffic to get there, given the invite was for Happy Hour.  But it was worth it as I just adore her home on the edge of Glen Canyon.  We could hear the coyotes howling at the bottom of it.

She’s taken decades of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and I said I’d love to do that, too.  I looked at a class here in Kelowna, and it appears the beginner class would entail two lessons a week.  I’m torn, given my need to go to Osoyoos every two weeks to visit mom, to fit these in.

I now have weekly singing and chiropractor, then add the twice a week Tai Chi plus monthly Reiki and you can see a scheduling problem.  Who knew retirement would be this busy?

I bought some so-called “cull” peaches from Pacific Fruit Stand which are just 30 cents a pound as they’re very ripe, so have some bruises.  I don’t care, as I made two batches of lovely peach relish, as per Petra’s recipe.

However because I won’t be brought to heel by a recipe I usually decide to substitute for items I don’t have.  The fruit stand didn’t have chilli peppers, as called for, but instead had jalapenos.  As a result, I have what I’ve now labelled Spicy Peach Relish.  It’s HOT.

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