Adopted Two Kittens

You’ll recall I was hoping to catch a homeless cat, only to be told by one of its owners that it’s not a homeless cat after all.  I was walking Louie and we ran into the cat and as I petted it a boy rode by on his bike.  He said “that’s my cat” and I asked where he lived and he pointed in the direction of their house.  Quite the wanderer that cute lil’ tabby cat is.

I’d bought a pet carrying case at one of the thrift stores, and checked to make sure I had a litter box and cat litter.  So I was ready for this cat, and then the cat didn’t need adoption after all.

I’ve been browsing the SPCA site, and then today on the residents of Hall Road Facebook page, someone said they had two kittens to get rid of immediately.  If they weren’t adopted today they were off to the SPCA.

I looked at their photo and though not crazy over black and white cats, I made the fatal error of asking if I could see them.  Naturally I brought them straight home.  Unfortunately they hate Louie and Fuji happened to be visiting, and they really hated him even worse as he’s so rambunctious.

They’re currently holed up in my bedroom.  Right after we got home I went in and they hissed at me as they associated me with the dogs.  I then returned with a can of cat food, which they’ve eaten, and now they’re acting nice to me again.  I just have to be sure they don’t see Louie.

Mango has no idea there are kittens in the house which is a very good thing as I’m sure he’ll loathe them.  When he was brought home as a baby Wrecks was already one so he’d beat the kitten up just for sport.  So I think Mango’ll want to pay it forward.

I shook hands with our PM, otherwise known as Mr. Dreamy, at a Liberal event here in Kelowna.  I know, you’re thinking she met the PM and is talking about kittens?  But I’m always about the immediate as you may already know.

But anyway, it was a fab event, held on the rooftop of the new Innovation Centre downtown.  It was a hot evening, but sadly the whole Valley was thick with forest fire smoke so the views weren’t great for the visiting dignitaries.  Every single person from the cabinet was here, and our MP was so hoping to show off the Okanagan at its best.

Our riding executive and some big donors were invited, so it was quite a small event.  I had just one goal: to be photographed with Justin Trudeau.  As he entered the place, I was one of the first people in line.  And joy of joys, he shook my hand and spoke with me.

We only chatted briefly and he said “I need a beer” and headed for the bar.  Undeterred I followed and said “Um…” as I held my camera.  He said “if you want a photo, just ask.”  So here was my one chance, which only I could blow by having my eyes closed.  Dear God.

And so the summer of 2017 comes to a close with a boating trip, a meeting with the PM and two new kittens.

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