Bees and Booze

Can you believe, but I already collected four frames of honey from my hive?  The queen is just fantastic, and I’m extremely proud of her.  I’ll have to keep harvesting on a regular basis because otherwise if the frames are all full of honey, the queen has no place to lay eggs.  So I’ll remove honey-filled frames, then replace with blank ones.

And can you imagine my shock and excitement over the recent realization liquor no longer means migraine?  Over the past many years, I’ve learned even one drink can spike a terrible migraine, and so I’ve been kind of afraid of booze.

However mid-February I went on this incredible nutrient-rich food and supplement intake and 12 weeks later my body had changed.  No more migraines, and a very nice propensity towards being able to hold fairly decent amounts of liquor again.  Woo Hoo!!

Of course it’s a time commitment to shovel all of that down one’s gullet, but it appears to be well worth it.  I’ve lost maybe 5 pounds in the process, so that’s been a bit of encouragement as well.

On Friday my mom and I, and my school friends Phyllis and Maryjoy, attended a memorial for our old high school teacher, and mom’s friend, David Holmes-Smith.  He was my English Literature teacher and therefore very inspirational.

I recall when we read Hamlet I got hold of nearly every copy in the room, crossing out the word Ham and writing in Pig.  I changed Hamlet to Piglet and thought I was extremely witty.  He on the other hand, being Oxford educated, found me and my Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In style musings not very funny.

Tomorrow at 8:00 AM I’m to be at the Okanagan Bee Farm to pick up my ‘nuc’ hive.  That’s a new hive of baby bees with a queen.  Hopefully they’ll make it over the winter as well, and then I should have two, and maybe even three hives by next spring.

My friend Lorraine who’s a seasoned beekeeper’s coming in two weeks to check if there are any ‘queen’ cells.  If so, we can put that frame elsewhere and perhaps start a hive that way.  Soon the property’ll be littered with hives.

In preparation I got another set of hive boxes, screened bottom board, hive cover and 20 frames.  The cost was about $250 so I said to the kid at Buckerfields, “Honey’s still running at about $200 a jar.”  So hopefully in a year or two it’ll get cheaper.

And then joy of joy, you should see my drink options.  I can make Manhattans, tequila sunrises, cosmopolitans, Margaritas, pina coladas, and many more.  It’s quite heady, really and an awful lot more fun than just pouring a glass of wine, as I used to do.

However there are two liquors I simply cannot stand, and those are gin and Scotch.  To me, the former tastes of perfume and the latter of medicine, so not sure how people find those palatable.

My fig tree has 13 figs on it, so I hope they ripen and it makes more.  My dahlias are planted, and so now all I have to do is enjoy.

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