Today I delivered my first batch of 120 cookies to the Gospel Mission downtown.  As you know, I love to bake, and without the fruitcake business I was yearning for consumers of some of my baked-goods.  I contacted the Gospel Mission and they said sure, bring them on over!

So with any luck, they’ll receive those weekly.  However lately I can’t commit to much given poor old mom’s in terrible shape from osteoarthritis.  She’s currently largely bedridden, and so I spend a bit of time at the house helping out.  Louie enjoys it there tremendously which is lucky.

We’re hoping she’ll bounce back once again, as she’s done it before.  She’s in very good mental shape for 92, but the body’s starting to balk.  Luke spent the night at Easter and said he gave mom a good pep talk about the importance of trying to walk.  And today mom said she was walking up and down her hallway, so maybe that’s progress.

Like this cold spring, I’m also about three weeks behind schedule.  I just can’t understand how I used to work and find time for anything else, as now that I’m completely retired I don’t seem to have any time at all.  What happens to time when you retire?

But I guess between dog walking, yard work, helping mom and baking cookies time just gets away from a person.  Certainly blog and newsletter writing has been sluggish as well.  I need an inspiration or a new direction.

The other day Luke suggested we should start an E Bay account and then my job would be to browse thrift stores for stuff to sell.  He said he’d go to Pick ‘n Pull and try to find obscure small car parts to flog.  To date nothing’s happened.

One thing I’ve been busy doing is re-decorating the basement suite.  Nicky and Haruka took the bulk of the furniture when they moved, so I had to replace it.  I got a fantastic wood table and set of 4 chairs for $100, and a couch for $150 from a downtown office.

I went through the bookshelves and culled vast numbers of books which I’ll drop at the Salvation Army. Now I basically need adorable things like throw cushions and a mirror, plus perhaps a standing lamp or two.

If it would turn nice, I have to re-pot my fig tree, and also get my dahlias into pots and into the greenhouse to get them started.  I’m still pruning down old growth in my xeriscape garden, and need to weed like mad.  The garden still looks terrible from winter.

And here’s the kicker about the health regime I’ve been on: no weight’s come off this carcass whatsoever.  I used to binge on Revels and other bad stuff, now eat like a lowland gorilla and haven’t shed any bulk.  Why?

I guess I should just give in to obesity and dress for it.  You know how Trump has 4 foot long ties so that his stomach looks normal size?  I’ll have to find some female dress equivalents so that I can fool the public as well.

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