Haruka’s First Christmas in Canada

As you know, Haruka arrived at the end of November, so she was here for all the preparations and said she was looking forward to her first Canadian Christmas.  It all went well, and I think everyone enjoyed it.  I did, that’s for sure, as both kids, their wives and my mom were here, then Denis came over on Christmas Day.

In preparation for the Christmas weekend, mom and I had a luncheon at her house for my pals Phyllis and Penny, and Penny’s mom, also named Phyllis, who’s also 91 like mom.  Initially we’d planned to meet at a restaurant, but due to mom’s bad back it seemed so much easier to do it at her house.

They all just loved it, as the meal began with a salad made with avocados, blanched snap peas and green beans, lettuce, cukes and a home made green goddess dressing.  I also crumbled feta cheese and pecans roasted in maple syrup over the top before serving individual plates to the women.

Once that was eaten we had the seafood chowder which I believe was in one of my latest newsletters.  It’s a really delicious soup and so easy to make.  They went nuts over it, as it has fennel fronds in it which taste so exotic.

For dessert we had the rum mousse which I had in the December newsletter, and accompanied that with my cookies such as the Spitzbueble.  All in all, a well-received lunch by these nice women, so I was pleased.

Warmed up by that, I was able to produce a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and veggies on Christmas Eve, and the standard stuffed turkey, potatoes, gravy, and so on for Christmas Day.

As usual there were way too many gifts, and some were too large anyway, to fit under the tree, so they were set about.  I said to Haruka we usually get so exhausted halfway through opening stuff we eat, then return to open more.

Not that each gift is expensive, but it’s just fun things we all take turns watching the other person open.  Luke gave me two adorable Japanese-themed mugs that I just love, and Haruka gave me a dachshund-themed dog bed which Louie adores.

On Christmas Day the kids expect eggs Benedict, but Luke didn’t come until afternoon so I made them for Nicky and Haruka.  Mom doesn’t like them as it’s always murder to get everything as scalding hot as she likes in that kind of a dish.  And she only likes food the temperature of Venus so she refuses to eat anything cooler than that.

Mom far prefers to eat a slice of a German Stollen, which is a kind of a dense raisin loaf with a stripe of marzipan that runs down the middle.  She looks forward to that the way the offspring look forward to their eggs Benny.  Luke got his individually made for him on Boxing Day, to prepare him for the drive to Osoyoos to drop mom.

We neglected to play poker or roulette on Christmas Day and at dinner when I asked the assembled why we hadn’t they blamed it on lack of planning and Margaret’s absence.  They said if Margaret was here, we would’ve been more organized.  Next year, for sure.

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