Liberal Christmas Party

As the Organization of Events Chairperson on the local riding executive, it was up to me to plan and execute the Christmas party, designed to thank volunteers.  Because we already used the Italian hall for meetings, we thought why not rent it for the dinner.

Our poor MP flies back and forth from Ottawa most weekends, so we had to plan the party for a Saturday and by the time I called, only December 3rd was available, so I said no problem and booked it.  In speaking with the person there she mentioned one of their members made lasagne, so perhaps I would be able to get her to make it for us.

I talked this over with the president who also thought it was a good idea so I said to Janet please let the woman know we need at least one pan, which I was told was enough for 24 people.  I then contacted all of those invited to confirm who was coming, and ended up with about 38 people.

I then called the woman herself, and said I need two pans not one.  She had a very heavy accent but replied, “Before you want one, now you want two!” and I said yes, I did.  I then asked for the address, and she had to call her husband to the phone to provide it.

Janet had told me the couple lived on Raymer Road, so I began by saying to him, “Where are you on Raymer Road?”  He, with his heavy accent replied “Raymer Road?  No, we’re not on Raymer.”  There followed a difficult back and forth, and I stated I would find it, no problem.

I then asked Alice to pick up the lasagne as I was going to Osoyoos to stay with mom and would arrive home in the early afternoon on Saturday.  I had to go to the hall with the garlic bread, salad, cookies, decorations and other things I’d bought throughout the week.  Janet provided their exact address and I’d sent it to Alice.

I had packed the last of the table centres into the car, when around 2:00 PM on Saturday December 3rd Alice phoned, quite confused, as she said she was at the Italian people’s place, but there was no lasagne!  Our guests were due at the Italian club at 4:30.

But I guess due to my age, having had two children, ran a business, and just general good luck, by 2:30 a nice Italian restaurant in town called Il Tavolino had assured me they’d have enough lasagne for 38 people ready by 4:30 PM.

I then hurried to the hall and luckily Amarit the young secretary was there as she has a cell phone so we could call Alice for the secret code, which I neglected to bring with me.  Amarit and I made it inside, and suddenly alarms were going off madly, and the phone was ringing with the security company on the line.

We finally disabled the alarm, and set up, and I think about 35 people were at the event.  The MP spoke and answered questions.  As he spoke I said to a nice volunteer “Do you smelling something burning?”  Turns out I’d laid the garlic bread too close to the element and it was black…. there was smoke pouring out of the kitchen.

In the end, people said they’d enjoyed the event, I had help with the dishes, and all leftovers (mostly the lovely cookies made by the executive) went to the Gospel Mission where apparently all was received with great cries of joy.

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