The New Site is Invigorating

Between that little genius Steve, the web designer, and a nice young Liberal volunteer named Danielle, I’m on my way to a new website.  Someday it’ll be as lovely as was, but for now it’s In Progress.

But that’s okay as I’m going to have to learn a lot about WordPress in order to be self-sufficient which is my goal.  I’m fine with Facebook, but really want to master my new site so I can post recipes, update photos and do other things myself as the mood moves me.

I’m now in Part 2 of 3 parts of the Write your Novel course and this section is called Draft.  I managed to cobble together 40 scenes to get my outline done, which was the goal for Part 1, called Outline.  I would’ve felt like a total loser had I not been able to do that.

As it is, I’m not doing the assignments as I don’t want to.  They involve reading other people’s absolutely dreadful writing and commenting on it.  And as it’s a pass/fail course, I don’t care.  If I “fail” but write a novel, then it’s fine, isn’t it?  Some people will “pass” but won’t have a manuscript in their hands.

Mom’s managed to pull a muscle in her back which has caused her to remain bed ridden for two weeks!  I’ve been there twice, and I think she’s finally on the mend.  Social events help, so on Friday we invited friends over and I made a very successful chicken Parmesan followed by tiramisu.

You would’ve died laughing at my attempt at the tiramisu.  I followed a recipe which started with making a standard custard of eggs, sugar and milk. I put that in the fridge, then whipped cream.  It also required strong coffee and dark rum.

Once the custard was firm I dipped lady fingers into the coffee and rum mix, and put them on a platter.  Next came the custard, then a layer of whipped cream.  Now I could see the ladyfingers were beginning to separate so the whole thing became a puddle!

I covered the mess with plastic wrap, and surprisingly, when we ate it (in a bowl, as pudding) it was very tasty.  How Costco has theirs in such a nice loaf that you can slice, I don’t know.

Because the tiramisu looked so bad I made delicious fudge brownies with icing, which we ate alongside the pudding.  I wanted to find a recipe that uses cocoa instead of squares of chocolate as I believe it makes a superior product.  I’ll post this recipe along with this blog, if possible.

So you see all of the fantastic potentials of my new site?  If I hadn’t been so lazy, I could’ve photographed the brownies, then posted that as well.  I think I’m going to get the hang of it over time as I start to see the possibilities.  If I can do something, then I’ll do it, but if the technology seems hard or scary, I run away as fast as I can.

Despite the idiocy that occurred in the States, I’m in a happy mood because 1) I live in Canada 2) it’s 50% off at Value Village, and 3) I’m on my way with my new website.

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