Thwarted by the City

You know how I always blame the kids for having no impulse control, and that’s because I don’t have any either. Last week I decided I wanted a carriage house on this property. I thought wouldn’t that just be so cute to have a little house down on the area where I have my greenhouse and vegetable garden?

So I began to obsess about it, imagining the floor plan, and told a couple of people about my dreams. I phoned Bob Volk, the contractor who built the houses on Richter Street, and he said ask the City first. I said why when I have an e mail from a person saying I can do so. He said “they may just be yanking yer chain.”

I e mailed the City, waited two days and then sent an e mail saying Look. I just want a simple answer before the contractor will even set foot on my property. I forwarded the e mail indicating it was no problem. Then I got a reply saying guess what? policies have changed!

So indeed, the chain got yanked! I was fooled into thinking I could proceed, but whoa there Nelly, now the City said nope, they can’t support it. And that’s fine as 10 days ago I didn’t even know I wanted a carriage house. Now I can calm down again and find a new goal, which I believe will be the chicken coop.

It’s allowed on that area, but not a small house, so I think I have to go with the coop. When Louie and I walk past a house down on Hall with chickens I love hearing that rhythmic buck buck buck buck bugock, buck buck buck bugock, and think the neighbours will, too. It’s quite soothing.

And downtown the City’s putting the boots to Denis and I as well. In our rental house on Richter there’s a basement suite, which isn’t allowed. According to the by-law officer, we have to remove the stove. I e mailed him and said but there will still be the same tenants, same amount of garbage cans, and same parking spaces needed, so what does this do?

Never mind. The stove’s got to come out and everyone has to share the main kitchen upstairs. The tenants can reside downstairs in that suite, use their bathroom, living room and kitchen, complete with fridge and sink, but they’re not to have a stove.

Kinda makes one’s head spin, doesn’t it? I have been half-ways reasonable about it all, sending only carefully re-written e mails as I have a slight tendency to remove people’s heads with my writing. One wants people on their side, so my natural inclination to eviscerate has to be reined in.

I’ve been very busy on the Liberal executive, and tonight there’s an event at Summerhill Winery. Last week there was a nice event at Cedar Creek Winery for the tourism minister and our MP plus whoever wanted to sign up to attend.

Because we have an elected MP and our party’s in power, the MP gets a lot of people out to events. At this event over 100 free tickets were reserved. So it’s all good, but last week at Cedar Creek after two hours of standing I said I have got to get out of here, and headed straight home to the couch, dog and TV.