A Gardener Can Dream

I’m kind of surprised at the amount of time one must devote to being a volunteer on a board for the Liberals. We’ve met at least 10 hours to date, and I had a small meeting last week with just my volunteers on the Events Committee. Who knew?

But it’s also tremendous fun because we’re all always on the same page, and so that makes for instant camaraderie. Also, I like those people, and it’s enjoyable to plan upcoming events knowing we all have the same goal in mind: re-election.

I put the pollen patty into my bee hive, and I’m hoping for the best, I.E. honey this year! It’s a lofty goal, but maybe I’ll be successful given how active my bees appear to be. The beekeeper told me to get a bigger hive, as otherwise they’ll swarm if they get too crowded.

I got a hive at Buckerfields, and then I had to e mail the beekeeper and ask him if I got the right parts, as it appears my new hive is going to be some wide, squat kind of a shape. He said yes, that’s right, as each box will then be easier to lift as the deep supers are extra heavy when filled with honey.

So with the bee project under way, being the kind of over-enthusiastic devourer of life that I am, I decided to get the greenhouse man over for some help. First of all, he had to fix an arm that no longer automatically lifts the pane when it gets too hot.

Then I said to him how can I use this thing for more than two months of the year? I’ve only ever been able to keep plants in there in the spring due to the intense heat. He said I really do have to get a fan, as otherwise I’ll never get proper use out of it.

But here’s the tricky part: the greenhouse is in the lower yard, far from any source of electricity. I was advised against a battery operated fan, and Wayne, the nice greenhouse man, said just get a long extension cord.

I measured it out, and I need 120 feet of extension cord which will run up the hill, over the paved driveway and plug into the garage. I said to Wayne, really?? Are you sure?? And he insisted it’s going to be fine.

Now I have the fan, and today I’ll go to Rona for the extension cord. I kind of like trips like that, as the customer service person is invariably a male, and I have the great pleasure of seeing their foreheads move back about an inch when I explain what I’m shopping for.

I sold 4 fruitcakes last week, which is a big week off-season as months can go by with nary a sale. Both were for locals who’ve ordered before, and as word of mouth and the repeat customers grow, perhaps last week won’t be an anomaly.

I want to find a white board at thrift so I can place it at the bottom of the driveway and write daily specials on there for passersby. I.E. Tomatoes or Flowers. Of course given the low traffic on Hall Road, I may be like the kids at the lemonade stand, consuming the stuff myself.

But for now it’s off to buy the seeds and bedding plants for my summer dreams.