Good-Bye to the Gym after 14.5 Years

Since I began to realize I had migraines, and wasn’t hungover constantly (they both feel the same, curiously) I started to keep the recommended migraine journal. Over time, it became evident that not only does alcohol trigger them, but exercise does as well. So after all these many years, I had to tell the gym to cancel my membership!

I have so many friends there, and will miss those women terribly, but I have to get out of this pain cycle. I feel good, go to the gym and do a class, and then the next day I have a migraine and can’t do anything at all. It just doesn’t seem worth it.

Yesterday when I walked Louie he decided to take a very long walk, and we were gone for 50 minutes. I figure if I can wing my weights around a bit, walk the dog, and try not to eat like Mike Duffy I should be okay. In any case, I’ll continue the journal and report back.

Certainly if I ate like Nicky, I’d weigh the same as Kirstie Alley in no time. On Sunday I made a nice pot roast for us, and as well as mounds of meat, carrots and potatoes, Nicky smothered the entire plate in a full cup of thick gravy.

I had an interesting dream whereby a friend and I were going down a building, and through various doors, to get to the main floor. Once we swung through the last door, and as we were about to exit, the outer doors closed and we were trapped in this box.

When I woke up I wondered what kind of a box I feel trapped in, and realized the dream showed me I couldn’t return where I’d been, nor move forward until a puzzle had been solved. After that I decided to quit the gym, but I’m not sure if that’s what it was about.

There are two neighbours that border my vegetable garden area, and the other day one of them dropped dead. Norm was so loud that when they first moved here about 15 years ago, I recall asking Denis if he was on our driveway. It turned out he was down at his own house, but I could hear him all the way up here. A man filled with life. Not!

He was 64 and planning retirement next year. I often thank Old Man Holmes-Smith, my grade 12 English literature teacher, as we learned excellent quotes such as Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee (Dunn). Hence when someone dies, I always think man, that could’ve been me!

Next week a Woman in Business magazine insert will come out in the Kelowna Capital News, and I’m one of the people being featured. It was so nice of a young reporter to contact me. Due to my age, when I arrived and saw he was about the same age as Nicky I thought the poor kid!

Can you imagine interviewing an old bag about her business, and then that business is fruitcake? He didn’t take notes but recorded the conversation. At one point as I was expounding on the virtues of fruitcake, he yawned. I really felt for him at that moment.

I don’t know why, but for some reason I told him I’m trying to write the memoir of Nuttier than a Fruitcake, so he may include that in the article. If so, I might actually finally have to do it!