The Dog and I have Expensive Urine

Because I enjoy medical things I enjoy researching on the Internet, and like to solve a lot of my own problems that way. The poor dog has allergies, so after some research I found that brewer’s yeast and fish oil capsules can help, so I’ve started him on that.

In the meantime I found an herb called Butterbur recommended for migraines, plus several other vitamins and minerals, so I bought all of those, and I’m taking handfuls twice a day. I’m not sure if anything’s working yet, but I know it’s costing me an awful lot of money. Certainly my urine’s worth more than the average person’s.

But then you know how I love to save by shopping at thrift stores, which I did this weekend. Beverly came from White Rock and we visited six thrift stores and an interesting junk store called Lois Lane. It’s an odd place where wooden furniture’s left outside in the elements.

Just like the time Beverly found a Coach bag at the Salvation Army, this time she found a pair of black Simon Chang jeans. She showed them to me, and as they were in my size I thought damn it, missed it by that much. I told her I have the exact pair in brown, and they’re fantastic.

And speaking of fantastic, I’ve been alone all week as Nicky and Haruka are holidaying in Puerta Vallarta. They’re returning tomorrow, which is when mom and I are leaving for Toronto, and then Virginia. Alison’s coming too, and we’re off to see the lovely fall foliage of the Shenandoah Valley.

I’ve been canvassing away for the Liberal party, and just had a letter to the editor published in which I asked oldsters if perhaps we are the ones who aren’t ready, as opposed to Justin Trudeau. It could be, given the way our age group is sure every tradesperson, doctor, dentist, vet or nurse coming toward us in in their teens.

Now that I have free TV, albeit just Global, but that’s fine, I love to watch the news at night. When I paid a hundred dollars or more a month for a whole bunch of channels, while I had Netflix as well, I didn’t watch the news or any TV at all. But now that it’s free, there’s something enticing about it. And it’s legal, too, so what could make a person happier?

Louie’s very spoiled and will be babysat tomorrow as mom and I are leaving in the morning, and Nicky and Haruka are arriving in the evening. Mike, the nice house painter’s going to come over and spend the entire day with the dog! But it’s good, as then I don’t have the dog’s happiness to worry about.

Today’s my final shift on the phones at Liberal HQ downtown, as then mom and I will be away until the election. I suppose I’ll be roped into driving people to the polls or something like that on the 19th, but that’s fine. I’m ga ga with anticipation over the results so may as well be kept busy that day.

And then I’ll arrive home to the dear dog, who now comes when I open a bottle of vitamins for myself. He comes when I open the fridge, or start to cook, but now has added another food call button to his brain. Louie’s completely nuts over the fish oil capsules, and gets two a day just like a treat. Hence, we both have fine, expensive urine.