Another Year Older

Yesterday was my birthday so I was taken out for a fun lunch with Kathy and Petra. We went to a new Cactus Club restaurant, which is right beside the newly refurbished yacht club. So it’s really nice to sit there as one is very close to the water, looking at the boats bobbing away.

On Saturday mom had her yearly birthday party for me, which is really an annual July party, but it happens to be my birthday. She gets to invite her friends, I cooked, and it was all very nice. The one fly in the ointment was the inside round roast.

I love the butcher at Lakeview Market, and trust him implicitly. Last Friday I went in to buy a sirloin tip roast, and as there weren’t any out, I asked for one. He said he didn’t have any, but for me to buy the inside round which was better.

I said yes, but I want a medium rare roast, and he said this will work. I said really, for rare meat, you use an inside round? He insisted, so I bought it and guess what? It doesn’t work. It was tough, as I had expected it would be. Oh well.

Jerralynn made a very lovely apricot cheesecake as apricots are currently at their peak. She also made a salad I just love, which is ripe tomatoes and peaches, with sweet onions like Walla Walla sweets and basil. No dressing, yet it tastes fantastic.

Nicky went to Banff to visit Haruka, who’s working there, so I had to take Louie to Osoyoos with me. He had the usual diarhea on the way down, so I had to lift him straight into the bath at mom’s when we arrived.

Then when we drove back home he did something very hard to do. He threw up straight down from his pillow on the passenger seat, thereby getting puke wedged right between where the seat belt hooks in and the seat.

All I could do with that was shove in some paper towels when I got home, and I’ll have to wait for it to dry. Then I should be able to just vacuum any remainders of the event.

I’m hoping it’s not too hot this Saturday as I stupidly said I’d go door to door campaigning for the federal Liberals. I’ve been out a couple of times already, and each time it was fine, so that’s why I keep saying okay I’ll do it.

However the last time I went we were getting a particularly poor reception only to find a few Jehovah’s Witnesses flyers stuck in doors. We then realized we were just a few houses behind the J.W.’s so people were thinking once burnt, twice shy.

Luke gave me rabbit ears (an antennae) for my birthday which he said cost about $20. He put it on my TV and now I get the local CHBC station, which is a Global affiliate, free and in high definition. It’s the only channel I get, but I love getting it.

Other than that it’s strictly Netflix for this kid. It’s just so hard to put up with ads and also I found despite having something like 30 channels to choose from, I’d sometimes say there’s nothing on. Thanks to the genius of Netflix, now there’s always something good on TV.