The Eagle has Landed

After waiting for what seems like quite a long time, Jan’s arrived in Canada and she and Luke are currently at Hall Road. Denis went to pick them up at the airport on Thursday, and they arrived here around 10:30 PM. They basically just went straight to bed, though Jan had a heap of presents on their bed to look at first.

Then on Friday, Jan’s first official day in Canada, I took her to the Oriental Market and down the Asian aisle at Superstore for supplies. She felt a lot better seeing familiar food items, and when we got home she made herself a nice Thai lunch.

She wanted to wash the dishes and Luke and I said no they’ll go into the dishwasher, and she said what’s that, as she’s never seen one. Turning on the stove was equally difficult, so there’s a lot to learn in a new culture and country.

Luke’s on crutches from a badly bruised foot so was lucky to get wheelchair service through the airports. Just like when I told you mom and I flew and she was in a wheelchair, he highly recommended it whether you need one or not. It’s just so fabulous to be pushed to the front of all lines.

However this is going to make driving his truck to Osoyoos too difficult, so Nicky’s volunteered to drive them. They want to get to the little pink house in the orchard so Jan can start her new life in Canada in their own little home.

We haven’t had a drop of rain and the ground is totally dry, so I guess I have to haul out the hoses and start to water a bit. I planted 72 zinnia seeds and some have already sprouted, so I’m very excited. I’ll put them into the greenhouse in a couple of weeks and then plant them out when it’s safe to do so. I always have such great hopes for these types of projects.

Another of these hopes is the plumeria stick I smuggled in from Hawaii. I’ve planted it and it says not to touch the pot, so I’ve pointed it out to everyone and said don’t even breathe near that thing. Apparently the roots are so delicate even if they do sprout, a knock on the pot might be the end of the project right there.

On Monday I’m ordering the cake for Jan and Luke’s wedding party on April 4th, and will start to buy the stuff I need for my menu. I just love doing events like that, so I’m pretty much ga ga with excitement over it. I’m thinking of going quite ethnic and spicy, and having things like curried chicken and Thai curried rice.

Freddie was fretting about how his children would have to leave the party early due to their toddlers needing to go to bed, as everyone’s staying at motels due to lack of space here. However he then came up with the brilliant idea of renting an RV and parking it on the property, so the partying can be hard and non-stop.

Last night Denis came for dinner, so it was the two of us, plus Jan and Luke, Haruka and Nicky. As mom says about the international flavour, “we’re Liberals.” However I explain it by saying I must’ve been such a traumatizing mother that they both had to right outside their race for mates.