Jan’s Arrival is Imminent

I said to Luke several times, be sure to get a coat for Jan, she’ll need it when she gets off the plane in Vancouver. He said why would I get one here when I can buy one in Thailand for way less? As I could easily find one at thrift for under $10 I wondered how much less they’d be, as well, would they be down-filled, given their climate?

On the afternoon of his flight we were packing the suitcase with chocolate and gifts for “the village” which means the Bunyungs and extended family members. Luke suddenly said, “Did you get a coat for Jan?” I said I hadn’t as he told me many times not to buy one, or I would gladly have done that, but as he told me not to, I didn’t.

I can’t imagine what that’s going to be like, Jan having never been out of the tropics in her whole life, arriving in Vancouver mid-March with no damned coat. Oh well.

Last week I went to Freda Hesketh’s funeral at the legion in Osoyoos. It was great as mom and I got to sit in the family section, and so we should, given mom’s been friends with Freda for almost 70 years. Lynn gave a really nice eulogy, and then afterwards the nice women of the Legion had made those beautiful little sandwiches and squares I just go bananas over.

I nearly didn’t make it as I noticed a green coloured fluid dripping from the engine area of my car. I had the radiator replaced just a year or so ago, so asked Luke, Nicky and Denis, all of whom were lolling about my house messing it up, to go and diagnose the problem.

Luke quickly found a broken metal ring, and as we have Honda replacement parts by the dozen, he found an exact match and promptly fixed the problem. That kind of ingenuity saves me an awful lot of money.

He’s arrived safely in Thailand, and of course Jan met him at the airport. They were heading off to the wilds of Ubon Ratchathani with the suitcase filled with Belgian chocolate. I posted on Luke’s Facebook page: Are the Bunyungs bingeing on bon bons in the boonies?

I went door to door campaigning for the federal Liberals on Saturday, and it wasn’t too bad except my feet hurt as I was wearing the wrong shoes. I was unfortunately paired with a man who was one of the founding members of the BC Reform Party! Can you imagine? Now he’s a so-called Liberal, and I had to explain all manner of Liberal party philosophy to him.

We walked for two hours, and it was a sunny and lovely day. We talked to some nice people, quite a lot of Conservatives given we were in the Mission area of Kelowna, and at the end we had one bone fide crazy person. Always a good time to be had! I’ll be doing it again soon I’m sure, given the scuttle butt is the writ may be dropped earlier than October.

Today after the gym I plan to hit the Helping Hands thrift store as it’s 50% off for seniors on Tuesdays. I’m hoping to find a cute outfit to wear to Jan and Luke’s reception, which will be held in early April to introduce Jan to our world.